Constitution of ICA Committee on Housing Co-operatives (1996)

This document has been made available in electronic format
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
(Source: ICA Committee on Housing Co-operatives for Asia
and the Pacific)

Constitution of the ICA Committee on Housing
Co-operatives for Asia and the Pacific

This Committee is a Specialised Committee of the ICA Regional Assembly
for Asia and the Pacific.  The Committee shall work in accordance with the
aims and objectives of the ICA and the general policy of the ICA Regional
Assembly for Asia and the Pacific and the global ICA Housing Committee.

Article 1 : Name
The name of the Committee shall be "ICA Committee on housing Co-
operatives for Asia and the Pacific ".  It will be referred to hereinafter 
as the "Committee".

Article 2: Definitions 
2.1	The word "Region" will be used to refer to Asia and the Pacific
i.e. the area covered by the ICA Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific.

2.2	"Housing Co-operatives" include house/building construction
co-operatives, home servicing co-operatives, employees' house
building/land developing co-operatives, building materials supply
co-operatives, house building professionals' co-operatives e.g., architects',
engineers' co-operatives etc.

Article 3: Overall Aim 
The overall aim of the Committee shall be to advise on promotion and
development of Housing Co-operatives based on Co-operative Principles.

Article 4: Functions 
The functions of the Committee shall be as follows :

i.	to review periodically the progress made in the field of Housing
Co-operatives and to suggest necessary action;

ii.	to recommend policies, guidelines and common lines of action in the
field of Housing Co-operatives, and with due consideration for environment

iii.	to identify areas for training, research and technical assistance and
initiate action;

iv.	to make recommendations and take steps for improving managerial
competence and operational efficiency of personnel working for Housing
Co-operatives in the Region;

v.	to identify needs and areas of technical co-operation required for
national and regional projects/programmes and to organise such

vi.	to promote the systematic dissemination of information and the
exchange of experiences among the Housing Co-operatives in the Region;

vii.	to suggest and initiate programmes of member activities and
measures for developing active participation of members. 

viii.	to liaise and collaborate with the ICA main Housing Committee,
other regional and international organisations concerned with the
development of Housing Co-operatives especially to supplement  the UN
efforts for promotion of HABITAT Movement in the Region;

ix.	to act as a platform for import and export promotion of building
materials among housing co-operatives in the Region and also to facilitate
the transfer of cost effective technologies in construction and manufacturing
of building materials;

x.	to help in the establishment of National Co-operative Housing
Federations in various countries of the Region;

xi.	to identify sources of funds at international level for the sustainable
development of Co-operative Housing Movement; and

xii.	to carry out any other activities which are incidental or conducive to
the promotion of the aims and the objectives of the Committee.

Article 5 : Membership
5.1	All member-organisations including associate member organisations
of the ICA  Regional Assembly involved in Housing Co-operatives will be
entitled to membership of the Committee on payment of prescribed annual 

5.2	Each member-organisation may nominate two representatives to
the Committee.

5.3	Non-member organisations of the ICA may become members of the
Specialised Committee provided they accept the objects of the ICA and the
Committee for a maximum period of three years.  If during this period such
societies do not get affiliated to the ICA, their membership will be

5.4	The Regional Director and/or his nominee and members of the
Executive Council of the Regional Assembly shall be entitled to attend the
meetings of the Committee.

5.5	The members shall serve on the Committee from one ICA Regional
Assembly to the next ICA Regional Assembly.

Article 6 : Involvement of Women, Youth and Environmental Concerns
6.1	Considering that the participation of women and youth in housing
co-operative activities is of great importance, the Committee will encourage
member-organisations to send qualified women and youth representatives
engaged in co-operative housing activities to attend the meetings of the
Committee as delegates/observers.

6.2	The members of the Committee shall endeavour to safeguard the
environmental concerns in their activities and shall ensure that appropriate
steps are continuously undertaken to ensure environment protection and
safety standards.

Article 7 : Working Groups 
The Committee may constitute technical working groups, as may be
necessary, to deal with specific issues and problems and they may meet as
often as required.

Article 8 : Office 
The office of the Committee will be at the ICA Regional Office for Asia
and the Pacific at New Delhi or at such place as may be decided by the
Committee with the approval of the Regional Assembly.

Article 9 : Meetings 
9.1	One  meeting of the Committee shall be held along with the meeting
of the Regional Assembly.  Other meetings can be convened as decided by
the Committee from time to time.  

9.2	Meetings shall be convened by the Secretary who shall also furnish
to the Committee a report on activities and future plans.

9.3	The meetings of the Committee shall be conducted in English. 
Participants requiring interpretation in any other language may be
accompanied by personal interpreters at their own cost.

9.4	Each member-society attending the meeting shall have one vote.  

9.5	Members who have not paid their annual membership subscription
dues shall not be entitled to vote.

9.6	Representatives of institutions/organisations engaged in or interested
in housing co-operative development may be invited to attend meetings of
the Committee as observers.  

9.7	The observers shall not enjoy any voting rights.

Article 10: Officers
10.1	The Committee shall elect a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman.  Their
terms of office shall be from one ICA Regional Assembly to the next ICA
Regional Assembly.  

10.2	Retiring officers shall be eligible for re-election.

10.3	The Secretary of the Committee shall be nominated by the Regional
Director in consultation with the Chairman. 

10.4	In the event of both the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman not being
present at the meeting, the Committee shall elect a Chairman from among
the members present for conducting that concerned meeting.

Article 11: Relationship with Member Organisations
11.1	One or more members of the Committee may act as the Committee
Liaison Officers in respect of their country's Co-operative Movement on 
matters relating to housing co-operative development.

11.2	The members of the Committee shall keep the Committee informed
of all significant developments in the field of housing co-operative in their
respective countries.

Article 12: Report to ICA Regional Assembly 
The Committee shall submit a report of its activities to the  ICA Regional

Article 13 : Finance
13.1	The work and meetings of the Committee shall be on a self
financing basis.

13.2	The financial year for the Committee shall be the calendar year.

13.3	The annual membership subscription for membership in the
Committee shall be determined by the Committee for each member which
should be paid to the ICA ROAP within the first quarter of the calender year
(i.e., before March 31 each year).

Article 14: Amendments 
Any amendments to the Constitution of the Committee should be included in
the agenda and shall not be taken as additional items with the permission of
the Chairman. The proposed amendment shall be adopted by two-third of
the members present.  Amendments thus adopted shall come into force after
they are approved by the ICA Regional Assembly.

(As approved and Recommended by the ICA Executive Council at its
meeting held at Chiangmai, Thailand, on March 18 1997. Subject to
ratification by the ICA Regional Assembly in 1998 at its meeting in Seoul,