International Co-operative Housing (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic format
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
July, 1997
(Source: ICA Review, Vol.90 No.2 - Annual Report 1996-1997, pp.47-48)

International Co-operative Housing 1996/1997
Report by Rolf Trodin /Jens Heiser/Ivar O. Hansen 

Executive Committee
Chairman:		Rolf Trodin (Sweden)
Vice-Chairman:	Jens Heiser (Germany)
Secretary:		Ivar O. Hansen (Norway)

Three regional committees have been established in Europe, Asia and 
Latin America. In September 1997 we will decide whether or not to 
establish a regional committee in Africa.

Meetings and Seminars
In connection with Habitat II in Istanbul a board meeting, a general 
assembly, a photo exhibition, and three seminars were held.

The seminars were about the situation in Turkey; joint venture 
developing projects in Africa, Asia, and Latin America; and the position 
paper that was written in Manchester in 1995 was entitled "Housing 
Co-operatives and the Co-operative Identity."

A statement was issued based on the position paper, the Habitat agenda
 and the Istanbul Declaration.

The president of ICA Housing had the opportunity to address the UN 
Conference. In his speech he stressed the need for government support 
for co-operatives and promised that housing co-operatives will help to 
solve the worldwide housing problem.

The UN Secretary General's report to the General Assembly on "Status 
and Role of Co-operatives in Light of New Economic and Social Trends" 
said very positive things about housing co-operatives and quoted from the 
ICA Housing statement from Istanbul.

After Istanbul a board meeting was held in Budapest where a decision was
made to hold four regional seminars followed by local workshops.

The first one took place in Kampala in April 1997. For two days, 
110 participants from Uganda, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Sudan discussed 
the themes of Habitat II. We also discussed co-operation between
co-operatives, regional communication, self-construction, and 
multi-purpose co-operatives. 

Examples from joint venture developing projects from these countries
and from South Africa and Europe were presented. 

The seminar will be followed by local workshops among members in Africa. In 
the fall of 1997 and spring of 1998 seminars will be held in Latin America 
and Asia. We will also have a seminar in Geneva, in connection with the 
General Assembly in September 1997.

The UN has called for active participation in the "after Habitat work." 
The president of ICA Housing and ICA staff members will represent 
the co-operative organisation at these meetings.

The president, vice president and secretary have visited many of our 
members during the last year, both in connection with meetings and 
seminars and on an individual basis.