Rules of the International Co-operative & Mutual Insurance Fed. (ICMIF) (1997)

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Rules of International Co-operative & Mutual Insurance
Federation (ICMIF) (1995)

1997 {Source: International Co-op and Mutual Insurance
Federation (ICMIF)}

Federation Rules of International Co-operative
and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF)

Section 1: Introduction

Rule 1: Preamble and Mission Statement
The International Co-operative and Mutual Insurance Federation (herein
after referred to as the Federation), which is a specialized organization 
of the International Co-operative Alliance, is a voluntary mutual
association of insurance organizations whose constitutions are based 
on co-operative principles or on the principles of the social economy.

Mission Statement
Our purpose is to enhance and accelerate development of a distinct, 
unified, strong and influential co-operative and mutual insurance 
sector of the global financial services industry.

We promote international collaboration to help strengthen insurers that
operate on the basis of principles common to the co-operative movement
and the social economy in different countries and regions.

We help our members identify with, remain committed to and contribute
significantly to the co-operative movement and the social economy
nationally, regionally and globally.

Members have also combined into regional associations which are
managed independently but which form an integral part of the
Federation's structure and activities.

Rule 2: Regional Associations
Status as a regional association of the Federation may be granted
by resolution of Full Conference on the recommendation of the
Board of Directors.

Section 2: Membership

Rule 3: Qualification for Admission as a Member Society
Full membership in the Federation shall be open to risk-bearing 
Insurance organisations which follow co-operative principles or 
the principles of the social economy. Insurance agencies of 
co-operative or social economy organisations may be admitted 
to non-voting associate membership.

Rule 4 : Procedure of Application
Application for membership shall be made in writing to the 
Chief Executive. An application for membership of the Federation
is also an application for membership of the relevant regional 
association of the Federation.

The Board of Directors shall decide whether or not to admit an 
Applicant society or organization into membership and may 
require the presentation of whatever evidence is deemed necessary 
to establish that the criteria outlined in Rule 3
are satisfied. The Board of Directors shall consult with the
 International Co-operative Alliance and with the appropriate central
 co-operative or social economy organization(s), if any, in the country 
of origin of the applicant society or organization. The Board of
Directors shall take into account the views of existing members, 
if any, in the country concerned and the recommendation of the 
relevant regional association of the federation where applicable.

Where an applicant is a member of a group or is closely affiliated
with other risk-bearing insurers under the same ownership or control,
 all eligible members of the group or affiliates must apply for membership 
at the same time and, if admitted, shall be regarded as a single member society. 
Voluntary associations or organizations which individually would be eligible
 for membership may also be admitted on the same basis.

Rule 5: Membership Fees
Each member society shall pay an annual membership fee which shall be
due in April of each year and which shall be calculated on the basis of
SFr.1.50 for each complete SFr.100,000 of the member society's annual
premium income(net of ceded reinsurance) in the base year, converted to
Swiss francs as at the end of that year, with a minimum annual fee of
SFr.200 and a maximum annual fee of SFr.200,000 for each member
society. Associate members shall pay the minimum fee. The base year is the
member society's financial year which ended during the calendar year two
years before the year for which fees are due.

User fees for optional services provided by the Federation may also be
charged. Regional association membership fees are determined by the
regional associations themselves.

Rule 6: Termination of Membership
Membership in the Federation on the part of any member society shall

i. by voluntary resignation to be notified to the Chief Executive 
and for which at least 90 days notice shall be given.

ii. for failure of the member to pay the annual membership fee 
when due, unless extension of time for payment is requested by the
member and granted by the Board of Directors.

iii.	by resolution adopted by the Board of Directors or by a Full
Conference in respect of any member ceasing to be qualified for
membership in accordance with Rule 3, or acting in a manner which the
Board of Directors or Full Conference considers to be against the 
Interests of the Federation.

Any society or organization whose membership is terminated by resolution
of the Board of Directors may lodge an appeal to a Full Conference 
of the Federation.

Section 3: Observer Status

Rule 7 : Observer Status
The Board of Directors may grant observer status to co-operative - and
social economy - related insurance organizations which are not eligible for
full or associate membership and which make application for such status.
The Board of Directors may require the presentation of whatever evidence is
deemed necessary to consider the suitability of applicants for observer
status. Any organization granted observer status shall be entitled to receive
all publications of the Federation, to participate at conferences and other
activities of the Federation but shall not be entitled to vote, and shall pay the minimum
annual fee.

Section 4: Conferences

Rule 8: Authority of Full Conference
A full Conference of the federation, whether it be convened as an Ordinary
Full Conference or Special Full Conference, is the highest authority of the
Federation and each member society shall be entitled to send one or more
delegates and to exercise voting power in accordance with the provisions of
Rule 11.

The Federation shall meet in Ordinary Full Conference quadrennially at a
time and place to be determined by the Board of Directors. An Ordinary Full
Conference shall normally be held in conjunction with the General
Assembly or Congress of the International Co-operative Alliance.

Notice of each Full Conference, stating the time, place and purpose of the
Conference, shall be furnished in writing and mailed to each member
society at least 90 days in advance of the Conference date.

Rule 9: Special Full Conference
The Board of Directors shall  have the power to call one or more Special
Full Conferences between Ordinary Full Conferences. The Board of
Directors shall be obliged to call a Special Full Conference upon receipt by
the Chief Executive of a request that a Special Full Conference be held; the
request must be in writing, must state the purpose for which the Special Full
Conference is required, and must be signed by authorized officers of at least
one-third of the total number of societies which are members of the
Federation at the time the request is made.

Rule 10: Business Transacted at Ordinary Full Conference
The business to be transacted at an Ordinary Full Conference shall be:

(i)	to receive minutes of the last Full Conference and, if appropriate,
take any action thereon;

(ii)	to receive the report of the Board of Directors on the work of the
federation and, if appropriate, take any action thereon;

(iii)	to receive the audited accounts of the Federation and, if appropriate,
take any action thereon;

(iv)	to consider proposals submitted by the board of directors and give
decisions thereon;

(v)	to receive reports on the work of the Federation's affiliated

(vi)	to elect persons to serve on the Board of Directors until the next
Ordinary Full Conference;

(vii)	to consider any other matters which the Board of Directors or
Conference by resolution deems to be appropriate matters for discussion.

Rule 11: Voting & Quorum
Each member society shall be entitled to one or more votes in accordance
with the following scale of membership fees which have been paid by such
member society for the current financial year of the Federation:

Membership Fee						Votes
--------------						-----
up to and including SFr.500				 1
more than SFr500 and up to SFr.1000			 2
more than SFr1000 and up to SFr2000			 3
more than SFr 2000 and up to SFr 4000			 4
more than SFr 4000 and up to SFr 8000			 5
more than SFr 8000 and up to SFr 16000			 6
more than SFr 16000 and up to SFr 32000			 7
more than SFr 32000 and up to SFr 64000			 8
more than SFr 64000 and up to SFr 128000			 9
more than SFr	128,000 and up to the maximum annual fee 	19

For the purpose of conducting a vote at a Full Conference, a quorum shall
exist if more than 50% of the total voting rights in the Federation are
represented in Conference.