Focus on Co-ops

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       the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)

   |                                                      |
   |              Published to Coincide with              |
   |         the Fourth World Conference on Women         |
   |              Beijing, September, 1995                |
   |                 Issue No. 4, 1995                    |

Focus on Co-ops

The Fourth World Conference on Women will bring co-operators from
all over the world together.  There will be delegations from the
ICA, the World Council of Credit Unions, the Co-operative Housing
Foundation (USA) and a number of co-operative organizations from
Asia and Latin America.

Events have been scheduled during the Conference which will focus
on how co-operatives have contributed and can contribute to the
advancement of women.  Some of these are listed below:

Special Events during NGO Forum

*    Women and Co-operatives Forum
     Date:         1 September 
     Time:         09:00-11:00 
     Location:     Room 12-M66, NGO Forum - Huairou
     Organizer:    Asian Women in  Development Co-operative
                   Forum (Indonesia)

The forum will tackle issues such as co-operatives and the
Platform for Action, responses from co-operatives to gender
issues, and what can women in co-operatives do together.  The
programme will also include a screening of a video, "Liberating
Co-ops (Philippines)".

*    Housing Finance for Women
     Date:         2 September
     Time:         09:00-11:00
     Location:     Room 10-M35, NGO Forum - Huairou
     Organizer:    Co-operative Housing Foundation (USA)

Special Event during the Fourth World Conference:

*    Rural Women in the 21st Century - 
     Empowerment through Employment and Organization
     Date:         7 September
     Time:         15:00-18:00 
     Location:     Room L, Beijing International Convention
                   Centre (BICC)
     Organizers:   FAO, ILO, UNIDO, ITC, UNV, DDSMS

The meeting will include presentations by the International
Co-operative Alliance and SEWA on the role of co-operatives in
empowering rural women.