Introduction and Table of Contents

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   |                                                      |
   |              Published to Coincide with              |
   |         the Fourth World Conference on Women         |
   |              Beijing, September, 1995                |
   |                 Issue No. 4, 1995                    |

The ICA NEWS is the official ICA newsletter published in Geneva,
Switzerland and edited by Mary Treacy, Director of
Communications.  It is issued six times yearly and has a
circulation of over 2,000 (organizations and individuals

The ICA prepared a special issue of the ICA NEWS in September,
1995 to coincide with the United Nations' World Conference on
Women to highlight the contribution of co-operatives to the
advancement of women.  The special issue was distributed in
Beijing to participants of the official Beijing conference as
well as to the participants of the NGO Forum in Huairou.

The ICA wishes to thank the following co-operative organizations
who provided materials for the special issue:  Inter-Press
Service, World Council of Credit Unions and the Canadian Co-
operative Housing Foundation.

Table of Contents

*    About ICA's Statement to the Beijing Conference
*    Co-operative Clinics Set the Pace in Medical Care
*    Domestic Violence: Turning Policy into Practice
*    Bolivian Credit Unions and Small Business Owners
*    Sri Lankan Woman Opens Candy Store
*    Folksam Sweden and the Women Security Programme
*    FAO Puts Faith in Small Savings Funds
*    New ICA Programme in East & Central Europe
*    Focus on Co-ops

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