Report from the Asia-Pacific Region

    This document has been made available in electronic format
         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         October, 1996

     (Source: Review of International Co-operation,
     Vol.89, No.3/1996, p.35-36)

                     Asia and the Pacific
                          G. K. Sharma
                  Regional Director (upto Sept.96)

                         Robby Tulus
               Regional Director from 1 October, 1996

The Asia-Pacific region accounts for two-thirds of the ICA
global individual membership. The mission of the ICA in the
Asia-Pacific Region is to propagate Co-operative Values and
Principles, promote and unite co-operative movements through
its members and act as a spokesman on behalf of the
co-operatives in the Region at various levels.

Priority Areas
Its  priorities are : 

 To influence governments to ensure that co-operative
legislation and policies are in uniformity with the
Co-operative Values and Principles; 

 To assist Co-operatives in the region to become
member-oriented and member accountable; 

 To organise courses designed to make co-operative
management become professionally competent to face the
challenge of the market economy; 

  To increase participation of women and youth; and to
become increasingly involved in sustainable development.

The co-operatives in the region are facing many challenges,
due to the adoption of the market economy in most of the
developing countries in the region and the globalisation of
the economy. ICA ROAP has to face these new challenges at a
time when development resources from its partners are being
reduced and therefore it has been necessary to re-orient its
development strategy. To deal with this situation, the
Regional Assembly at its meeting held in New Delhi in January
1995 appointed an Advisory Committee on the "Direction of the
ICA ROAP Towards the 21st Century". The Committee made various
recommendations with regard to the future priorities of the
ROAP and recommended an additional contribution of 10% annual
subscription to the ROAP from the ICA members within the
region, coupled with an increase in financial support from the
HO. The Committee also recommended the appointment of a small
advisory group for the ROAP. The Executive Council, and
Regional Assembly approved the recommendations of the Advisory
Committee. The Regional Assembly also decided to enrol
associate members from such national level co-operative
federations which are financially weak, particularly from
countries which are not members of the ICA as also parastatal
bodies as observers.  The Regional Assembly further agreed to
proposals to establish sub-committees on Housing and Women.

Future Activities
Preparations have begun for the Co-operative Ministers'
Conference expected to be held in Thailand in March 1997. A
Critical Study on Co-operative Legislation and Competitive
Strength in the ASEAN countries will also be part of the
agenda.  A preparatory meeting will be held in Myanmar during
October/ November 1996. Other important activities for the
coming year include Regional Meeting on Gender Integration in
September 1996 in Bangkok; Regional Medical/Health
Co-operative Seminar in Bombay in November 1996, Regional
Campus Co-op Youth Seminar in Singapore in November 1996;
Seminar on Leadership Development in Manila and Workshop on
Curriculum Development in Dhaka in December 1996; the 11th
ICA/Japan Training Course for Strengthening Management of
Agricultural Co-operatives in Asia, the 6th ICA/Japan Training
Course for Women Leaders of Agricultural Co-operatives. The
Asian Regional Conference of Top Level Women Farm Leaders in
Agricultural Co-operatives will also be held during
October/November 1996.  

Staff Changes
During the year, Pradit Machima, Consumer Co-operative
Development Adviser, and Malte Jonsson, Senior Development
Adviser, completed their assignments and returned to their
respective countries. The consumer work will be handled by the
HRD Adviser and Coordination and Planning work by the RD. K.L.
Nalwaya also returned to NCUI after completion of his one-year
assignment with the ICA Head Office.

In pursuance of the policy to decentralise the work in Geneva,
P. Nair was assigned in April on a part-time basis to prepare
information for the ICA/UWCC Co-operative Gopher. He also
continued his former work assisting the HRD and Gender
projects. In July, Ram Prakash was assigned to the Membership

After nine years as Regional Director, G.K. Sharma reached
retirement age and will be succeeded on 1 October, 1996, by
Robby Tulus of Indonesia. Mr. Sharma will continue to provide
advisory services to ICA.