Report of the ICA Global HRD Committee (1996/96)

    This document has been made available in electronic format
         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         October, 1996

     (Source: Review of International Co-operation,
     Vol.89, No.3/1996 (Annual Report 1995/96), p.76-77)

                         Report of the
                  ICA Global HRD Committee

Executive Committee

Chairperson:        Yehudah Paz (Israel)

Vice-Chairpersons:  Ungku A. Aziz (Malaysia); Gabriele Ullrich
(ILO); Fakhry Shousha (Egypt); Taketoshi
Nojiri (Japan)

Members:            B.D. Sharma (India); Vitaliy Teplov
(Russia); Saled Syafradji (Indonesia);
Esther Gicheru (Kenya); Luis Arturo Munoz

Secretary:          Jan-Eirik Imbsen (ICA)

The mandate given to the committee in Manchester was first of
all to establish a structure that could promote regional and
global networking as well as to undertake HRD activities.
Since our meeting in Manchester the members of the Executive
have been in regular contact; the first meeting of the new
committee was held in Manchester, the Asian members of the
committee met in Bangalore in November, and a meeting of the
full Executive was held in Kuala Lumpur in June. There have
also been several meetings between individual members of the

Each member of the committee has been kept informed through
information sent out by the secretariat.

As 1996 is a year during which the Regional Assemblies will
meet, we have wanted to see that the programme of each of
these will include an HRD event; a meeting of the regional HRD
framework and/or a seminar/workshop with participation of the
regional and/or global committee. 

A meeting of the emerging committee for East, Central and
Southern Africa was organized in conjunction with the ICA
Ministerial Conference in Mauritius. In conjunction with the
African Regional Assembly in Dakar in August a joint ICA/DSE
(Germany) regional bilingual seminar was organised on
information, communication, education and training in
co-operatives. Three members of the Executive (Chairman,
Secretary, African representative) as well as a representative
of the regional structure participated. A draft constitution
for the regional network, which also mentions research and
consultancy, was also discussed.

The ICA Committee on HRD for Asia and the Pacific organized
its meeting in conjunction with the Asian Regional Assembly in
Kuala Lumpur. This meeting was combined with a workshop on
management and co-operative values co-organised by the global
committee.  A new constitution for the Committee was discussed
and later approved by the Regional Assembly. The constitution
also makes reference to research in its mandate as well as its

The ICA Regional Office for the Americas organized a regional
meeting Lima in July to discuss ICA's proposed HRD strategy
for the region. The Chairman of the Global HRD Committee made
a presentation and served as a resource person. 

Two more important events have been planned for this year.
Firstly, another meeting of the Executive will be held in
conjunction with the European Regional Assembly in Budapest in
October. A discussion on the role, constitution and structure
of the Committee with a view to bringing forward a formal
proposal for discussion and decision at the time of the next
General Assembly meeting will be the major issue on the
agenda. Other points that need to be discussed are the links
between the global and the regional committees and the ICA,
and the question of uniformity of regional

The second remaining important event planned for this year is
a global seminar on HRD in co-operatives in Israel in
November/ December. 25 participants from Africa, Asia, Latin
America and East and Central Europe have been invited to
attend the course which is a joint activity with the
International Institute (Histadrut - Israel).

For 1997 we have so far proposed a seminar in Israel in
conjunction with the '97 General Assembly. Discussions have
also been held with the Communications Committee, the Research
Committee and the Women's Committee on the possibility of
organizing joint activities.

Being the only truly global co-operative organization in the
world, the ICA has a role to play in promoting HRD at the
global level. The creation of a global HRD body is
consequently consistent with its scope, and supplements
whatever HRD activities it carries out at the regional level,
including networking. Networking is of course more than just
organising and attending meetings, and our hope is that the
global structure will stimulate and lend itself to other forms
of exchange and communication between institutions dealing
with co-operative HRD.