Report of the International Co-operative & Associative Tourism Org. (TICA)

    This document has been made available in electronic format
         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                          Oct., 1996
          (Source: ICA Review, Vol.89, No.3, 1996 (Annual
          Report 1995/96), p.65-66)

                         Report of the
          International Co-operative and Associative
                 Tourism Organisation (TICA)

Executive Committee
Chairman:           Michael Grindrod (UK)

Vice-Chairman:      Mauritizio Davolio (Italy)

Secretary General:  Connie Beswick (UK)

Members:            Ole Andresen (Denmark); Andre Guignand

The TICA annual Commercial Workshop and General Assembly were
held in Manchester in conjunction with the Centennial Congress
of the ICA in September 1995.

TICA also organised a public seminar under the title "Is there
a specific role for Co-operative and Associated Organisations
in the Travel & Tourism Industry of the Third Millennium?"
This was well attended, and was addressed by Tony Bennett,
Managing Director, Going Places (one of the U.K.'s biggest
Travel Retailers); Willie Tucker, Chief General Manager,
Central Midlands Co-op, U.K.; Ole Andresen, Managing Director,
Dansk Folke-Ferie; Raymond Stelandre, Secretary General,
Bureau International du Tourisme Social (BITS).

In the lively discussion which followed, not only was the
question posed in the title of the Seminar answered in the
affirmative, but there was a positive sense that Co-operative
involvement in the development of the world's biggest industry
was vital to ensure that environmental, ecological and social
considerations were given proper attention, and that the
benefits of Tourism were made available to all ages and

Unfortunately, this positive enthusiasm is not, as has been
noted in previous reports, reflected in the active
participation of Co-operative organisations in TICA. Our
membership has been falling progressively over several years.

 TICA's Executive believe that the decline stems directly from
the European bias which has historically reflected the
Associations membership. Developments in Eastern Europe have
led to the demise of many Co-operative members. At the same
time, members in Western Europe have developed their
businesses to a stage where they have little need for the
assistance and commercial networking which TICA was set up to
provide. Today, the growth of new Co-operative Travel &
Tourism organisations is essentially - and dramatically - in
Central and South America, the Pacific rim, Africa, India, and
the Middle East. Workshops and General Meetings held in Europe
are normally not a commercial option for such organisations,
and they need more support than can be provided by a part-time

The Executive has therefore decided that TICA should move into
closer association with the Bureau International du Tourisme
Social (BITS). This organisation offers not only a full time
Secretariat, but has a far more broadly based International
membership and objectives which are almost identical with
those of TICA. Based in Brussels, it already has an
established regional organisation in the Americas and plans
exist for the establishment of other regions.

TICA will therefore hold its l996 General Assembly and
Workshop in association with BITS in Montreal on 9-12
September. At the General Assembly, the Executive will
recommend steps to establish a formal association with BITS
which, if carried, will lead to a common Secretariat as
quickly as possible thereafter. TICA will not lose its
constitutional identity, but we believe that the move will
lead to a far more effective service being provided to
Co-operative Travel & Tourism organisations in terms of both
costs and practical assistance.