Report of the International Co-operative Housing Committee (1995/96)

    This document has been made available in electronic format
         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         Oct., 1996

          (Source: ICA Review, Vol.89, No.3, 1996 (Annual
          Report 1995/96, p.58-59)

                       Report of the
        International Co-operative Housing Committee

Executive Committee
Chairman:           Rolf Trodin (Sweden)
Vice-Chairman:      Jens Heiser (Germany)
Secretary:          Ivar O. Hansen (Norway)

At our meeting in Manchester in September l995, in connection
with the ICA Congress, we drafted a position paper for Housing
Co-operatives based on the ICA paper on Co-operative identity.

We also decided to continue with building a regional
structure. We received a report from the region of the
Americas and decided to start a sub-committee for the
regions of Europe and Asia and the Pacific. We appointed a
working group for the preparation of  Habitat II.

In December of 1955 we had a seminar in Miami in connection
with ICA's Region of the Americas. We met with about 40 people
from organisations in Central and Latin America interested in
housing. Some of them have applied for membership, others for
more information.

In March and April the President took part in seminars in
Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka to prepare for the Asian
region of Housing.

In April l996, we had a board meeting in Prague where we
discussed the preparations for Habitat and the work and
priorities for our regions. We also had a meeting  with the
Czech press.

In April the President had a meeting with the ICA secretariat,
together with other representatives from specialised bodies.

In June l996 we had meetings and seminars in Istanbul during
the Habitat II conference. We had a board meeting and a
General Assembly, one seminar together with our Turkish
members about the situation in Turkey and one seminar in the
NGO forum with speakers from Sweden, Uruguay, Germany,
Indonesia, Canada, Kenya, Norway and Zambia. Four different
cases of cooperation between an organisation in a developing
country and one organisation in a developed country were
presented. In the NGO forum we had a photo exhibition
presenting cooperatives from all parts of the world. Our
Turkish and American members had their own exhibitions close
to ours. We also drafted a position paper to be presented as
the "ICA Statement" to the plenary meeting of Habitat II.

At our board meeting we got a report from the President of the
American Region, Mike Doyle, and we elected Mr. Khurana from
the Indian organisation as president of the Asia Region and
Mr.Hachman from the German organisation as president of the
European region.

Training and Education
The priority of the Asian region is training and education and
they want to set up a training centre financed through special
fees for member organisations from that region.

European Priorities
The priorities of the European region are to promote the
organisation in former communist countries in East and Central
Europe, and to develop closer collaboration with CECODHAS
which is a lobby organisation for co-operative and social
housing within the European Union.

In October we will have our next board meeting. It will take
place in Budapest in connection with the ICA European meeting.

We will also have a housing tour and a seminar.