Report of the International Co-operative Banking Association (ICBA)(1995/96)

    This document has been made available in electronic format
         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         October, 1996

          (Source: Review of International Co-operation,
          Vol.89, No.3/1996, p.51-52)

                             Report of the
          International Co-operative Banking Association    

Executive Committee

President:          Claude Beland (Quebec, Canada)
Secretary:          Ghislain Paradis (Quebec, Canada)
Vice-Presidents:    E.H. Boohene (Ghana); E.K. Mureithi
(Kenya); J.A. Nino (Panama); E. Pflimlin
(France); B.S. Vishwanathan (India);  El
Haloui (Morocco)

Members:            M. Cardozo (Uruguay); J. C. Detilleux
(France); E. Laskiewicz (Poland); T.O.
Olupitan (Nigeria); C. Snyder (USA)

Associate:          C. Baker (WOCCU)

Our membership brings together representatives of co-operative
banks and financial institutions worldwide, including the
International Raiffeisen Union, the co-operative banks of the
European Union, and the World Council of Credit Unions. The
Association is, therefore, a true global and democratically
elected specialised organisation of the ICA, representing the
views of co-operative financial institutions all over the

During the year, Claude Beland, President of the Mouvement des
Caisses Desjardins (Quebec, Canada), was elected President of
the ICBA in replacement of Terry Thomas (UK); Jacobo Laks
(Argentina) deceased; D. Boureitchenko (Russia), I. Blinov
(Russia) and H. Mufalo (Zambia) have ceased working for the
organisation they were representing.

A Central Executive Committee meeting was held in April, in
Casablanca, Morocco. It was hosted by the Banque Centrale
Populaire du Maroc. Mr. C. Beland, the new President, has
expressed his objectives for the next three years: seeking to
bring co-operative forces together; fostering the promotion
and spread of co-operative thought; providing active
representation to benefit members vis-a-vis governmental and
other authorities.

Claude Beland, accompanied by the ICBA Secretary, Ghislain
Paradis, went to China and Vietnam in June. They attended the
ICA Board Meeting in Beijing and had meetings with executives
of the Bank of Agriculture of China. Afterwards they went to
Vietnam where they met authorities of the State Bank of
Vietnam. On that occasion the discussions were particularly
centered on the development of saving and credits
co-operatives in that country.

The seventh edition of the ICBA Journal was issued and
delivered. Extra copies are available if required.

We have sent a questionnaire on ICBA status and orientation to
more than eighty current or potential members, in English,
French or Spanish. The survey results will be made available
on the occasion of the Plenary Session which will take place
in Budapest, Hungary, on October 25.

An invitation has been extended to all co-operators to attend
this important meeting. The theme is "Co-operative Banks in
the year 2000 as leaders in building a more equitable society:
Keys to success".

Speakers from the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe will be
invited to share their views on this topic.

Other events 
The President, Mr. Beland, has been invited to make a
presentation on the occasion of the Fourth Latin America
Financial Convention, which took place on October 2 to 4, in

The President, Mr. Beland, will also be present at the ICA
Americas "96 Regional Conference", to take place in Costa Rica
in November. The topic is "Deglobalisation. Global Challenge 
-  Local Markets".