Report of the International Co-operative Agricultural Organization

    This document has been made available in electronic format
         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         October, 1996

          (Source: Review of International Co-operation,
          Vol.89, No.3/1996, p.49-50)

                       Report of the
     International Co-operative Agricultural Organisation

Executive Committee
President:          Mario Dumais (Canada)
Secretary:          Gordon Pugh (Canada)
Vice-Presidents:    Africa: Mohamed Idris (Egypt), Europe: Jan
Fenci (Czech Republic), Asia  Pacific:
Churl-Hee Won (Korea), Americas:        
Dejandir Dalpasquale (Brazil)

Members:            Brij Bhadu (India), Villam Bosiak
(Slovakia), Mario Campli (Italy), Costain
Chilala (Zambia), Horvath Gabor (Hungary),
Jacques Gaudinat (Belgium), Ron Gollehon
(United States), Nai-Soo Lee (Korea),
Cyril Moraveik (Slovak Republic), Holger
Hasle Nielsen (Denmark), Yasumasa Tani
(Japan), Ole Waehre (Norway)

There are forty organisations, from thirty-four countries,
which are members of the International Co-operative
Agricultural Organisation. Of these, there are fifteen
organisations from Fourteen European countries; ten
organisations from the Asia Pacific Region and five
organisations from four countries in the Americas region.

The Executive Committee and the General Assembly of the
Organisation met on two occasions in l995-96. The first at
Manchester, in the United Kingdom, on the occasion of the
ICA's Centenary Congress and at Versailles, France during the
Fiftieth Anniversary Assembly of the International Federation
of Agricultural Producers. In Manchester, the Executive
Committee met on 17 September, 1995. During this meeting, the
President of the Organisation, Roberto Rodrigues, announced
that he would no longer be able to hold this position. He
reviewed the activities of the Committee over the term of his

At this meeting the Committee also reviewed the financial
situation of the Organisation and was informed of an Agreement
(signed on 21 April, 1995 in Sao Paulo) which had been
undertaken with COGECA. Under this Agreement COGECA is the
European Agricultural Co-operative organisation for the ICA
and is now responsible for issues in that area.

The Committee also heard a presentation by Mr. Murilo Flores,
Secretary of Rural Development of the Brazilian Ministry of
Agriculture regarding sustainable development, co-operatives
and the environment.

The General Assembly of the Organisation was held on 18
September. Participants were briefed on the results of a study
of the global profile of co-operatives. Professor Daniel Cote
of l'Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Montreal, Canada,
made this presentation. The results of this study are
summarized in the Review of the International Co-operative
Alliance (number 1, volume 89).

The General Assembly also heard a presentation from Professor
Sigismundo Bialoskorski Neto of the University of Sao Paulo
regarding international trade amongst co-operatives. It was at
the General Assembly that the Agricultural Committee
executives were elected.

The Executive Committee next met on 18 April, 1996 in
Versailles. The discussion focused on the future work of the
Organisation, in particular on the joint meeting, held the
following day, of the International Co-operative Agricultural
Organisation and the Standing Committee of Agricultural
Co-operatives of the International Federation of Agricultural
Producers (IFAP). Also discussed was the participation of the
ICAO in the World Food Summit to be held in Rome in November
1996 as well as a proposal to hold a seminar on the role of
co-operatives in the production and distribution of
agricultural inputs.

On 19 April 1996, the joint meeting of the ICAO and the IFAP's
Committee on Co-operatives was held. It was co-chaired by
Mario Dumais and Martin Nielsen of Denmark. The meeting was
led off by a presentation on co-operation in French
Agriculture. This was followed by a presentation of the
conclusions of a study on Co-operation in the year 2010 by the
Federation of Danish Co-operatives. There were also
presentations on the "new order" co-operatives in Canada,
Brazil, Japan and South Africa. The session was completed by
presentations on the recruitment of young people into
co-operatives, management training and future co-operation
between IFAP and ICA. The initiative to hold a joint meeting
of the two groups was clearly appreciated.

The ICAO will hold a General Assembly in Rome in November
1996, in conjunction with the World Food Summit organized by
the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.