Report of the International Org. of Industrial & Service...(CICOPA)(1995/96)

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                           Oct., 1996

     (Source: Review of International Co-operation,
     Vol.89, No.3/1996 (Annual Report 1995/96), p.70-72)

                         Report of the
       International Organisation of Industrial, Artisanal
               and Service Producers' Co-operatives

Executive Committee

Chairman:           Yves Regis (France)

Secretary:          Martine Cabanis (France)

Vice-Chairmen:      B. S. Vishwanathan - N.C.U.I. (India);
 Mohamed Sebayi (Egypt); Marian Rybar -
 S.Z.V.D. (Slovakia); A. Scalvini (Italy - Cecop)

Members:            Yuzo Nagato (Japan); Istvan Szabo
(Hungary); Dimitru Danga (Romania); Agus
Sudono (Indonesia); Mrs Prasad (India);
Vivian Woodell and Martin Meteyard (UK);
Alverino (Uruguay); Kibora (Africa).

CICOPA has 72 member organisations from 52 countries (Europe:
15, Africa: 15, America: 13, Asia: 9).

CICOPA Newsletter, twice a year.

Statutory Meetings 
Every two years a Plenary meeting is held (usually to coincide
with the ICA Board meeting) with two Executive meetings held
each year. The last plenary meeting took place in Manchester
in September 1995.

The most recent Executive Committees were held in Manchester
(Great Britain), 17 September 1995 and Miami (December,1995)
with another meeting scheduled in Budapest (October 1996).

Regional Organisations 
Cecop : CICOPA-Europe, located in Brussels, is the strongest
Regional organisation with a significant budget. CICOPA
America Latina is temporarily located in Cono Sur. CICOPA Asia
and CICOPA Africa are in the planning stages.

Ethical and Doctrinal Programmes

a)   A conference will be held in Imola (Italy) on 22-23
October 1996 on the following theme:

Workers' participation in financing their own enterprise
(a possible way towards genuine producers'
co-operatives). Experience from United States (ESOP),
China (Shareholding Co-operatives), Spain (S.A.L.), and
of course from different co-operative movements in
Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. 

b)   Recently CICOPA initiated a survey on environmentally
friendly Production among its members (exchange of
experiences; good first results; co-operative
championships on this issue).

c)   It is expected that a new CICOPA world conference will be
organised in the year 2,000 (possibly in Shanghai).

CICOPA Development Programmes

a)   CICOPA promotes the development of Producers'
Co-operatives in countries where it is possible to get
technical support from one of the ICA Regional Offices,
with the local Apex Co-operative Organisations' approval
and where public co- financing is available.

b)   Its main aim is the creation of producers' co-operative
Unions (where they do not already exist) and of a
permanent advisory service for co-operative management,
marketing and financial matters. The Committee is
convinced that no lasting development can be
realised by isolated enterprises. This is happening with
the growing financial participation of the beneficiary
co-operatives themselves, at first as partners in the
action and then taking full responsibility and ensuring
the service goes on after CICOPA financial support stops.

Present Programmes:

a)   In India: both in Bangalore (Karnataka) and Delhi
(Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh).

b)   In China a programme will be organised with the Gung Ho
organisation and the All China Industrial and Handicraft
Co-operative Federation in Shanghai Hebei.

c)   In West Africa: Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and soon Benin
and Senegal.

d)   Latin America: Cono Sur, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and
soon Chile and Brazil.

e)   Central America: Costa Rica, Salvador, Honduras.

f)   Eastern Europe: mainly the Republic of Russia
(Implantation of new Russian  Law  upon Industrial
Producers' co-operatives).

"We are saddened to have to inform
 readers of the death of our friend and
colleague, Yves Regis, President of
CICOPA, who passed away on the 9th
September 1996. He will be greatly
missed by all those who knew him.
His unlimited energy and dedication
to the Co-operative Movement was
was recognised and appreciated

                              -ICA Secretariat