Report of the Personnel Department

    This document has been made available in electronic format
         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         October, 1996

     (Source: Review of International Co-operation,
     Vol.89, No.3/1996, p.14)


                       Claes Thorselius
                       Vivianne Dubini

General Overview
The staffing structure of the Secretariat has undergone some
changes since the 1995 General Assembly in Manchester. 

As from January 1996, the Documentation Unit has become an
integral part of Information & Communications and the former
Membership was included in the General Administration.

The secretariat for COPAC (Committee for Promotion and
Advancement of Cooperatives) in Rome was officially
transferred to ICA Geneva in April 1996. This special project
is carried out on a part-time basis by ME. Chavez, who is now
designated as Director of UN Relations.

A new unit for Special Projects, with the specific attention
to Membership Services, was introduced as from July 1996. The
Senior Advisor to this unit is Mats Ahnlund, the former
Director of Coop Network Geneva.

The latest addition to the staff is the arrival in August of
Won-Sik Noh, who is seconded to ICA from NACF, Korea. Mr. Noh,
who is an agriculture expert, is part of the same Special
Project Unit.