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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         February 1996

               Committee on Co-operative Research
                     Activity Report 1995

Chairman:    Sven Ake Book, Sweden

Secretary:   Kai Blomqvist, Sweden

Coordinator: Johanan Stryjan, Sweden

The Committee's main activity in 1994 was the organisation of a
Seminar in Cracow, in collaboration with the Polish Co-operative
Research Institute, on the subject of "Co-operative Development

Some 90 participants, mostly from Eastern and Central Europe,
presented and discussed papers on four main sub-themes:

-    governance and functioning of co-operatives
-    membership issues
-    local and regional development
-    new areas for co-operative development

During 1995 effort has been focused on the preparation of the
Committee's major Research Forum, to be held in conjunction with
the ICA's Centennial Congress in Manchester.  The theme of the
Forum is the co-operative principles, including their
implications for co-operative management, democracy, financing,
and development. Approximately 125 participants are expected.

During the Forum the Research Committee plans to spend some time
discussing its own future, based on a paper prepared by Sven Ake
Book, who has served as chairman since 1988.  The paper proposes

-    the Research Committee should identify, collect, and
undertake research along the lines suggested in the Daneau Report
of 1984;
-    the Committee should carry out activities on a decentralised
basis, following the ICA~s new structure;
-    the Committee should have an executive consisting of a
Chairman, Vice-Chairman, ICA Research Officer, and regional
-     members should consist of individual researchers as well as
societies, institutes, and centres involved in co-operative
research; and
-     the ICA should appoint a Research Officer to co-ordinate
this work.

The Committee will elect a new executive in Manchester.