Industrial, Artisanal and Service Producers - CICOPA

    This document has been made available in electronic format
         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         February 1996

     International Organisation of Industrial, Artisanal and 
               Service Producers' Co-ops (CICOPA)
                    Report of activities in 1995


Chairman:      Yves Regis (France)

Secretary:     Martine Cabanis (France)
Confederation Generale des S.C.O.P. 37, rue Jean Leclaire - 75017
Paris (France). Tel. (33) 1- Fax. (33) 1-

Vice-Chairmen: Vishwanhatan - N.C.U.I. (India); Marian Rybar -
S.Z.V.D. (Slovakia); Marco di Martino - CECOP's President (Italy)

Members: Enzo di Torre Chafran - C.A.L. (Paraguay); A.S. Kibora -
ICA Office Abidjan (Africa); Yuzo Nagato (Japan);  Javier Sanz
(Spain);  Mohamed Sebayi (Egypt); Istvan Szabo (Hungary)

Membership: CICOPA has 72 Member organisations from 55 countries
(Europe: 15, Africa: 15, America: 13, Asia: 9)

Publication: CICOPA NEWSLETTER, three times a year
Statutory Meetings: Each year one Plenary Meeting (usually at a
place and at the moment ICA Board Meeting is held) and two
Executive Committees are held.

These Plenary Meetings were held in Tokyo (October 24th 1992);
Geneva (September 6th 1993); Prague (October 24th 1994), and
Manchester (September 16-17th 1995).

The most recent Executive Committees were held in Cairo (Egypt)
and Vitoria (Spain) 1994; Paris (France) April 24th 1995, and
Manchester (Great Britain) September 17th 1995.

Regional Organisations
CECOP: CICOPA-EUROPE located in Brussels is the strongest
Regional organisation with a significant budget. CICOPA AMERICA
LATINO starting on several specific actions, for the moment in
CONO SUR. 4th World CICOPA Conference - VITORIA-GASTEIZ(near
MONDRAGON Group) - between the 6th and the 10th of June 1994 -
400 participants from 52 countries.

Opening Ceremony
Jose-Antonio Ardanza, President of the Basque Government;
Jose-Angel Cuerda, Mayor of Vitoria-Gasteiz; Paulino Luesma,
Minister of Labour and Social Security of the Basque Government;
Joe Fazio, Head of the Co-operative branch of the ILO in Geneva
(Switzerland); Lars Marcus, President of the ICA (Sweden); Claude
Fonrojet, General Delegate for Social Innovation and Economy
(France); Yves Regis, President of CICOPA (France)

Technical Visit to Mondragon
Mondragon Co-operative Corporation (M.C.C.)
Caja Laboral Popular
Polytechnical Training Institute
FAGOR - EROSKI, etc...

9 Items in 3 days
1st day:
1.  Modern Industry and Democratic Participation
2.. Development - Handicraft Women
3 . Job Creation - Youth and Co-operatives in the future

2nd day
1.  Development and Solidarity
2.  Business Exchanges
3.  Human Resources

3rd day
1.   Formal and Participatory Democracy
2.   Indivisible Reserves/
3.   Social and Human Mission of Producers Co-operation
Records of this Conference with final conclusions are available
(in English, French and Spanish at the cost of USD 40.).

CICOPA Development programmes

a)   CICOPA tries to help development of Producers' Co-operatives
     organisations in some countries where it is now possible to
     get a technical support from one of the ICA Regional
     Offices, where APEX Co-operative Organisations do approve it
     and where a public co-financing is possible.

b)   Its principle aims are creation of a producers'
     co-operatives Union(if it does not exist in the country, or
     Federation and of a first Permanent Service of Advice and
     Help for Co-operative Management (mainly marketing and
     financial management).

     CICOPA is convinced no lasting development could be realised
     with feeble and isolated enterprises.

c)   The basic rule is to help the creation and development of
     such a service but not alone. This is happening with the
     growing financial participation of the beneficiary
     co-operatives themselves, at first as partners in the action
     and then taking full responsibility or ensuring the service
     goes on after CICOPA financial support stops.

Present Programmes
1    In India: both Bangalore (Karnataka) and Delhi (Jaipur,
     Muradabad, etc. Units-Multipurpose women co-operatives;
     weavers; metalware, etc...
2    In West Africa:  Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast with most
     interesting results (specially line of credit from World
     Bank) and soon Benin and Senegal.
3    In East Africa: project for Tanzania.
4    America Latina: Cono Sur: Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and
     soon Chile and Brazil.
5    Central America: Costa Rica - Salvador, Honduras, etc...
6    Eastern Europe: mainly Republic of Russia (Elaboration and
     lobbying of a Russian Law upon Industrial Producers~
7    Important Project in China with both Gung Ho organisation
     and All China Industrial and Handicraft Co-operative