Communication - ICACC

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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         February 1996

             ICA Communications Committee (ICACC)
                     Activity Report 1995

Chairman:       Paul Dines (Denmark)

Vice-Chairman : Iain Williamson (UK)

Secretary:      Mary Treacy (ICA)

Members:        Kamal Hamdy Aboul Kheir (Egypt); Zahid Qureshi
(ICMIF); Denis Tzarevcan (France);  Goeffrey Simpson (UK). Hilkka
Kemppinen (Finland) retired from the Committee due to changes in
her professional responsibilities.

Membership and Financial Report
Membership in 1995 showed one new member from Tecnostudi
Communicacione in Rome, which brings the total to 17 members. 
There is a credit of CHF 14,412.01 brought over from 1994, most
of which was expected to be spent on the Workshop for Journalists
in September. 

Congress News Bulletins
The Communications Committee will produce three eight-page issues
of Congress News. These will be  distributed at lunchtime on 20
September and in the morning of 21 and 22 September.

Meetings and Activities
The ICACC cancelled its plenary meeting in Prague in 1994 as the
number of members able to participate would not have formed a
quorum. An Executive was held in Loughborough in February 1995.
The following items were on the Agenda: preparations for the ICA
Congress in Manchester including ICACC Meetings and Study Tour
and the production of a Congress Bulletin; Workshop for Young
Journalists from the Co-operative Movement;  the Press Pack for
International Day of Co-operatives; Finance for Future Workshop
for Journalists under the European Union's Phare and Tacis
Democracy Programme; and the use of the Internet for promoting
the Co-operative Movement. 

The participants endorsed the ICA Strategy for Electronic
Networking and decided to devote part of the Manchester meeting
to this subject. Activities for the year would also include the
production of a Congress Bulletin and organisation of a workshop
for journalists. However, it was deemed not possible for the
committee to participate in a meaningful way in the production of
the press pack for International Day of Co-operatives as the
group felt this was best left to the ICA Secretariat. If
requested, individual members of the group would submit feature

A study tour will be held on Saturday 16 September and a
Communications Open Forum/Seminar on Sunday 17 September which
will be open to all interested co-operators.

The Seminar and Open Forum will be held on Sunday 17 September.
It  will feature the use of the Internet for spreading the
co-operative message with various speakers including Allan
Foster, Head of Information at Keele University. We hope to have
a representative from one of the APC networks, with experience of
networking in the developing world, who can contribute to the
debate from this perspective and a representative from ARIES, 
the electronic network of the European Union's Social Economy,
who can contribute to the discussions from a European Union
perspective. In the evening the theme will be taken up at a joint
meeting with the Research Committee when a special presentation
entitled "Co-ops on the Net" will be made by Peter Richmond of
CWS (UK). This will be followed by a small reception to launch
the new ICA publication by Rita Rhodes "The ICA during War and
Peace 1910 - 1950" for members of both meetings which will be
organised by the Society of Co-operative Studies in collaboration
with ICA.

The other main subject will  be Co-operative Principles; a
representative from the Co-op Bank (UK) has been invited to talk
about how the co-operative principles can promote co-operative

The study tour will include members of the ICACC and the
participants in the Workshop for Journalists and, besides
visiting local co-ops, will feature a trip to Blackpool where the
ICACC Executive will hold a meeting while other participants have
the opportunity to see the sights. 

Second ICACC Workshop for Journalists 
The Workshop will be held in Stanford Hall, Loughborough and
include participants from the developing world and from East and
Central Europe and CIS countries. The programme has been built
around the needs of the participants and will concentrate on
feature writing, desk top publishing and electronic networking,
with special sessions on Crisis PR, TV and radio interviewing and
gender perspectives in journalism. During the ICA Congress and
related meetings the participants will have hands-on experience
in undertaking interviews, writing news items and features and in
typesetting and layout of the Congress Bulletin under the
supervision of members of the ICACC.

Sixteen participants from  Egypt, India,  Kenya, Madagascar,
Poland, Romania, Russia, Tanzania, Thailand,  Uganda and Zambia
will take part in the Workshop. As there were many more
candidates than places on the course, several applicants had to
be disappointed. It is, therefore, necessary to explore
possibilities for funding similar projects in the future. It has
been decided to include an extra component to the Communications
Seminar to talk about the funding of future workshops when
Arsenio Invernizzi, Secretary of the ICA Europe Region, will talk
about the possibilities of obtaining funding for similar
workshops under the PHARE and TACIS Democracy programmes.

If possible, during the course of the Congress, ICA Europe and
the ICACC will organise small working groups to draft the
necessary funding applications for submission to these two

Although this report is mainly in the future tense, the work
preparing for these future events has obviously been on-going
during the year under review.