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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         February 1996

     International Co-operative Agricultural Organisation (ICAO)
                    Report of activities in 1995

Chairman:       Roberto Rodrigues (Brazil)

Secretary:      Amrico Utumi (Brazil)

Vice-Chairmen:  Mohamed Idris (Egypt for Africa); Leroy Larsen
(Canada for the Americas);  Jean Louis Doumeng (France for
and Momiyoshi Shigaki, represented by Yasumasa Tani (Japan for
and the Pacific)

Members: Gabor Horvath (Hungary); Cyril Moravcik (Slovakia); Ole
Waehre (Norway) alternating with Henning Jensen (Denmark);  Carlo
Pagliani (Italy); Green Mwala (Zambia); S.K. Naik (India); Won
Suh (Korea); H. Hasle Nielsen (Denmark); Jan Fencl (Czech

The ICA Agricultural Committee has 41 member organisations from
countries (Europe: 17 organisations  from 15 countries; Africa:
organisations from 8 countries; The Americas: 3 organisations
3 countries; Asia : 10  organisations from 7 countries). In
addition, the committee has two associate members (from Canada

The Executive Committee held its meeting at the Hilton Hotel, Sao
Paulo, Brazil, on 21 April, 1995. Several important issues, such 
as the draft report of the "Values and Principles of
and the final version of the "Co-operative Agenda 21", where

The Chairman presented the "Exchange of Export Manager Programme"
which is an operational system between agricultural co-operatives
to identify business opportunities and by sending employees
responsible for import and export to stay in co-operatives of
countries. This programme, which  will be coordinated by the
Agricultural Organisation, will be available to agricultural
co-operatives that are direct  members of the International
Co-operative Alliance or affiliated through their apex

The purpose of this Programme is to identify business
throughout the world and to promote goodwill and friendly
in the general interests of the agricultural co-operatives. This
programme will allow co-operative managers from various countries
to exchange information about each other's activities, obtain
regarding import and export opportunities and, if possible,
in business activities.

Agreement with COGECA 
An agreement between the Agricultural Organisation and COGECA has
been approved by the members of the Agricultural Organisation.
objective of the agreement is to establish constructive and
complementary collaboration of the greatest possible benefit for
co-operatives in Europe represented by COGECA and those working
together within the Agricultural Committee of ICA.

Regional Organisations
Following the new decentralised ICA structure,  members agreed
establish regional agricultural organisations for the Americas,
Africa, Europe, and Asia and the Pacific.

Study Tour
Prior to the Executive Meeting, members visited some Brazilian
farmers' co-operatives: Holambra, in the city of Campinas, the
Co-operative of Farmers of Orlandia Region, CAROL, a large grain
and industrial products co-operative, and the National Agro
Industrial Co-operative (COONAI), a dairy co-operative.

Future Activities
Executive and Plenary meetings will be held in Manchester, on 17
and 18 September 1995, immediately prior to the Centennial
of the International Co-operative Alliance.

On 6 to 8 December 1995, the Chairman is planning to set up the
Agricultural Organisation of Americas, during the ICA Regional
Conference for the Americas, in Miami, USA.