Banking - ICBA

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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         February 1996

     International Co-operative Banking Association (ICBA)

President:       Terry Thomas (UK) 

Secretary:       Sylvia Bardsley (UK)

Vice-Presidents: J. Laks (Argentina); E.H. Bohene (Ghana); V.
Kostiaev (Russia); E.K. Mureithi (Kenya); J.A. Nino (Panama); E.
Pflimlin (France); B.S. Vishwanathan (India)

Members: C. Beland (Canada); I. Blinov (Russia); M. Cardozo
(Uruguay); J-C. Detilleux (France); E. Laszkiewicz (Poland); T.O.
Olupitan (Nigeria); C. Snyder (USA)

Associate: C. Baker (WOCCU)

During the year, Happy Phiri (Zambia) resigned.

Our membership brings together representatives of co-operative
banks and financial institutions worldwide, including the
International Raiffeisen Union, the co-operative banks of the
European Union, and the World Council of Credit Unions. The
Association is, therefore, a truly global and
democratically-elected specialised organisation of the ICA, 
representing the views of co-operative financial institutions all
over the world.

A Central Executive Committee meeting was held in June in Quebec,
Canada, to prepare for the September Plenary Meeting and to
discuss the work of the Regional Committees since the last
meeting in Prague in October 1994. On the previous day, a meeting
of the Americas members was held.

The Central Executive members, having absorbed the views of its
various regional committees, look forward to the Manchester
Plenary Meeting (Monday 18 September), when the views of
co-operative bankers on capital formation and basic co-operative
values will be presented. This meeting will be in English, French
and Spanish.

At this meeting also, the Central Executive Committee will be
elected for the next four year term of office. The President has
given notice that he will not be standing for re-election
(although he will remain as a member of the Committee).

The sixth edition of the Associations's Banking Journal will be
available for distribution, together with an omnibus edition
which brings together into one volume all the various papers on
basic co-operative values and capital formation for co-operative
banks which appeared in former Journals. It also gives a
description of the Association, its constitution and its
Executive members.

As usual, an invitation is extended to all co-operators to attend
what is likely to be a most informative and rewarding meeting and
we hope that you will also take advantage of the opportunity to
join the study tour which is being arranged for the previous day,
Sunday, 17 September.