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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         February 1996

     International Co-operative Consumer Organisation (ICCO)
                    Activity Report 1995

Chairman:       G. Fabretti (Italy)

Vice-Chairman:  Masao Ohya (Japan)

Secretary:      Antonella Belfiori (Italy)

Members:  Manfred Dabrunz (Germany); Lars Hillbom (Sweden);
Patrice Jolivet (France); Peter Szilagyi (Hungary)

The ICA International Co-operative Consumer Organisation is
up of 23 member organisations from the following countries:
Africa: Ghana; The Americas: Argentina, Costa Rica; Asia and
Pacific: Australia, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Japan,
Europe: Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary,
Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom; Middle
East: Israel, Kuwait.

c/o ANCC, Via Panaro, 14, Rome, Italy. Fax: (0039)6 86320033

The ICCO is financed by an annual subscription based on the
financial activity of its members. Since 1992, the minimum and
maximum annual subscription rates have been maintained at CHF
and CHF 2, 000 respectively.

The following sectoral meetings were held in 1993:
-    Executive Committee: February (Brussels); May (Rome);
     September (Geneva).
-    Plenary Session: September (Geneva).

The following meetings were held in 1994: 
-    Executive Committee: January (Paris); October (Prague).
-    Plenary Session: September (Geneva).

1995 Meetings
Executive Committee: March (Rome).
Executive Committee: September (Manchester).
Plenary Session: September (Manchester).

1994-1995 Activity Programme
In January 1994, the Executive Committee approved the Activity
Programme and identified the following themes as priorities:

1.   Definition of the Consumer Co-operatives Guidelines to be
     used for the final ICA document on Co-operative
2.   International solidarity: investigation into a possible
     common project.
3.   Environmental protection: definition of a Consumer Co-op
     paragraph to be included in the ICA Co-operative Agenda
4.   Co-operative education and training: today~s values are
     the same as the ones in 1844, when the first co-operative
     was  created in Rochdale,  based upon the  principles  of
     protecting purchasing  power,  solidarity and 
     In addition to these values, we are today especially
     sensitive to topics such as nutritional education,
     environmental protection, racism and world peace.

Co-operative Agenda 21 - Consumer Sector
Both the ICA and its associates have committed themselves to
environmental policies at the Tokyo Congress in 1992 and at
Rio Summit.

ICCO members have collaborated in the final drawing up of the
Co-operative Agenda 21 - Consumer Sector, which is being
presented to the ICA Secretariat, stressing especially two
points: the promotion of consumption and production patterns
limiting the excessive use of natural resources; the
of an awareness linking lifestyle to consumption patterns that
respect the environment.

Consumer Co-operative Guidelines
On behalf of the ICA,  Ian MacPherson, Professor of History
Dean of Humanities, University of Victoria, Canada,  is
the Co-operative Principles, in order to update them for year
2,000.  ICCO drew up final version Guidelines,  which were
submitted to the ICA Secretariat in Geneva.

Future Activities
Having reached the following two objectives (Co-operative
21 - Consumer Sector and Consumer Co-operative Guidelines),
     is currently working on two other important themes
     in the proposed programme last year:
-    Co-operation Policy in Developing Countries
-    Co-operative Training

International Consumer Day
Each year ICCO publishes a message on the occasion of the
International Consumer Day, which is celebrated on 15  March.
1994 message celebrated the "Fair Pioneers" of Rochdale; the
message celebrated the Consumer Co-operative Guidelines of the
consumer sector.

Considering the importance and the topicality of the topics
discussed during the Plenary Session in Prague on 25 October,
Secretariat deemed it appropriate to publish the proceedings
including an up-date of the Project on Participatory

Exhibition (ICCO's stand)
In view of the ICA Centennial Congress in Manchester, which
be held in September 1995, ICCO~s Secretariat is working on
organisation of an exhibition stand. Each participating
organisation will use a panel showing, through photographs and
brief descriptions, the initiatives undertaken to celebrate
150th Rochdale anniversary in the information, training, 
political  or  social fields, with the aim of spreading the
values of Co-operation.