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                         February 1996

     International Co-operative Fisheries Organisation (ICFO)
                    Activity Report 1995

Chairman:      Shoji Uemura ( Japan)

Vice-Chairmen: Maurice Benoish  ( France); Park Jong Sik 
(Republic of Korea); Subash Chandra (India); Dr. Antal Csoma 

Members: Benedikt Sveinsson(Iceland); Chalerm Rojanapradit
(Thailand); Aziz Ibrahim ( Malaysia). 

The following two members are the auditors: I. Eddiwan
(Indonesia); J. M. Fernando (Sri Lanka).

In 1994 there were 28 member organisations from 24 countries.

The Committee organised its plenary meeting at Hotel Horison &
Tower, Jakarta, Indonesia on 31 August 1994. It was attended by
13 co-operators  from eight  member organisations of seven
countries. In addition, nine observers from Indonesia attended
the meeting.

Prior to the plenary meeting, the Executive meeting was held on
30 August 1994. A two-day post conference study tour was also
arranged by the host organisation (IKPI) of Indonesia, when
participants had the opportunity to visit Pelabuhan Ratu in West
Java and other areas.

Education and Training Activities
One of the main activities of the Committee is to organise
seminars/workshops on fisheries co-operatives in developing

In 1994, the Committee organised workshops on human resource
development in the fisheries co-operative sector in Valparaiso,
Chile, in November, 1994 and in Puntarenas, Costa Rica, in
December, 1994.

Since 1987, the funds for the workshops have been  contributed
ICA from the Government of Japan under its Official Development
Aid Programme (ODA).

In the year under review, the Committee published the Fishermen~s
Co-operative Bulletin No. 18  on the "Janasavia Movement" of Sri

Future Directions
In the fiscal year 1995, the Committee plans to organise ODA
workshops  in two countries, in co-operation with the
International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the
Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA), possibly in the Republic
of Maldives and India.