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                         February 1996

     International Co-operative Housing Organisation (ICHO)
                      Activity Report 1995

Chairman:      Rolf Trodin(Sweden)

Vice-Chairman: Jens Heiser (Germany)

Secretary:     Sven-Oskar Ruhmen(Sweden)

Members:       Murat Karayalcin (Turkey);  Herbert Ludl
(Austria); Nicola di Baggio (Italy); Ivan Prikryl (Czech
Republic); Bohuslav Straka (Slovak Republic);  Bohdan Saar
(Poland); Luis Coelho (Portugal); Ivar Hansen (Norway);  Mohammed
El-Tantawi (Egypt); G.I. Patel (India); Alexandra Wilson
(Canada); Michael E. Doyle (USA); Jorge Salas Sanhueza (Chile).

Seminars in Czech Republic, Canada and Uruguay
On 15-17 May a seminar on housing co-operative issues was held in
connection with the plenary meeting in Prague. Experiences were
shared on the transformation of state-owned houses to privatized
co-operative houses.

In April, a Board Meeting was organised in Toronto by CHF Canada. 
Among the invited speakers were Rolf Trodin (Sweden) and Claus
Hachmann (Germany). In Montevideo, Uruguay, from 15 - 17 May, ICA
Housing was represented by Michael Doyle (USA) at an
international seminar organised with FECOU, the Uruguayan
Federation of Previous-Savings Housing Co-operatives.

Position paper
A special working group consisting of  Alexandra Wilson (Canada),
Claus Hachmann (Germany)  and Sven-Oskar Ruhmen (Sweden) has
produced a position paper on housing co-operatives and the
co-operative principles. The paper will be presented at the ICA
Centennial in Manchester.

Report from Habitat II
Dr Herbert Ludl, Chairman of ICA Housingos special Habitat
II-working group, attended the Habitat II meetings and prepared
how ICA Housing will be represented at the UN Conference on Human
Settlement in Istanbul, in 1996, where it  will organise a
housing conference and a photo-exhibition. The  board and plenary
meetings will also be held in Istanbul.

ICA Housing Co-operatives Region in the Americas
Due to the vast geographic distances separating members of this
specialised body, a special ICA Housing for the Americas has been
formed.  Michael Doyle, President of CHF (USA), who has worked
many years in LatinAmerica, has been elected as the first
Chairman of this regional committee and Jorge Salas Sanhueza,
Chile, as the Vice-Chairman.  A total of 28 different
organisations have already  applied for membership in the
regional committee .

Contacts with China
A delegation from the Chinese Government visited Sweden (HSB) and
Norway (NBBL) in June. In China  this sector is expanding rapidly
and the Chinese, who are very interested in international
exchange, have been investigating the possibility of joining ICA

Developments  in Estonia
ICA Housing has continued with the work in Estonia started by the
late Olle Lindstrom. Efforts have been made to form a new
national organisation for housing co-operatives and the challenge 
 is to find a new and trustworthy leadership.