Training - INCOTEC

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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         February 1996

     International Co-operative Training and Education Committee
                     Activity Report 1995

Chairman:        R. Houlton (UK), retired April 1995

Vice-Chairmen:   Y. Paz (Israel); U. Aziz (Malaysia); T. Nojiri 

Members:         E. Gicheru (Kenya); F. Shousha (Egypt); R.A.
Mora (Costa Rica); B.D. Sharma (India); K.J. Fogelstrom (Sweden)

Support Officer: J-E Imbsen (ICA)

Dr. Houlton retired from the post as Chairman of INCOTEC in
April. We appreciate and shall remember his many and outstanding
contributions to INCOTEC, and we shall miss his guidance.

INCOTEC is an association of organisations involved in
organising, providing, funding and supporting international
co-operative education. It promotes collaboration between
countries and agencies and organises conferences and workshops.

Activities and Future Projects
Of late, INCOTEC has been passing through a series of
difficulties which have seriously weakened it. INCOTEC has lacked
funding, an administrative infrastructure and adequate human
resources. This situation has been compounded by the resignation,
as of 4 April, of Dr. Robert Houlton from the position of INCOTEC
Chairman, in which capacity he had served since 1988.

Yet the centrality of HRD and education for co-operative life has
become, if anything, more widely recognized throughout the
co-operative movement. HRD programmes are now a significant
aspect of regional activities around the world. Therefore, we see
a need for a new global HRD framework in this field, but with
different characteristics and functions from INCOTEC. As the only
truly global co-operative organization in the world, the ICA has
a role to play in promoting HRD at the global level. The creation
of a global HRD body would therefore be consistent with its
scope, and supplement whatever HRD activities, including
networking, it carries out at the regional level.

A proposed reorganised HRD structure will therefore by brought to
Manchester for discussion at the meeting of INCOTEC.