Tourism - TICA

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         by the International Co-operative Alliance ICA 
                         February 1996

          International Co-operative and Associative 
                 Tourism Organisation (TICA)
                     Activity Report 1995

Chairman:      Michael Grindrod (UK)

Vice-Chairmen: Mauritizio Davolio (Italy); Kazuomi Sagara (Japan)

Secretary General: Connie Beswick (UK)

Members:   Ole Andresen (Denmark); Andre Guignand (France); Dr.
Martin Fulop (Austria); Ren Daigneault (Canada).

The Executive held a meeting in February 1995 at the Headquarters
of its member organisation Dansk Folke-Ferie in Copenhagen.

Martin Fulop, (Austria), was appointed to the Executive to
replace Dr. Bruno Ziegler, (Austria), who retired last year.

As had been agreed at last year's General Assembly, the Committee
conducted an in-depth review of TICA's structure and activities.
They considered a report submitted by a member outlining details
of a tourism organisation with similar objectives to TICA which
was interested in closer collaboration. It was agreed that the
Chairman and Vice-Chairman (Italy) should meet with this
organisation in order to pursue this possibility. The meeting
took place in March and a full report on developments will be
submitted to the 1995 General Assembly. 

General Assembly 1995
The General Assembly of TICA will be held in Manchester from
September 13-16.

The Executive will meet on Wednesday 13 September. A commercial
workshop in which members of IAST (International Association of
Social Tourism) and BITS (International Bureau of Social Tourism)
will be invited to participate, will be held on Thursday 14
September. The Plenary Session will take place on the morning of
Friday 15 September and this will be followed by a Seminar
entitled "Is there a specific role for Co-operative and
Associated Organisations in the Travel and Tourism Industry of
the Third Millennium?", with speakers from the tourism and travel
industry in Belgium, Denmark and the UK.  This will be an open
Seminar which any interested ICA organisations are welcome to