Introducing Value Addition to Agricultural Products (1996)

 This document has been made available in electronic 
format by  the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)

December, 1996
(Source: Asia-Pacific Co-op News, Vol.3, No.1
Sept-Dec.,1996, p.5)

Introducing Value Addition to Agricultural Products


Adopting new technology for value addition to agricultural
products through agro-processing was the main theme of the
Regional Seminar held in Dalian, People Republic of China 
from 12th to 21st November, 1996. Seventeen participants from China, 
India, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines and Sri Lanka 
participated at the Seminar.

The group shared experiences of their agro-processing technology and 
visited some agro-processing facilities in Dailian city.

The Seminar adopted several recommendations to be followed up in the 
future. They included the increase in the capacity of export facilities 
for agro processed products. Introducing
bio-technology and bio-strategies, lobbying governments for
better deal of agro processing co-operative as against
multinational, co-operative network for agro processing co-
operatives, establishment of a Regional Co-operative Development Bank and a Data Bank.

Mr. Guo Yong Kang Advisor on Agricultural Co-operative
Development coordinated the Seminar.