Members' Meetings - Consumer Committee (1997)

This document has been made available in electronic format
by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
February, 1997
(Source: ICA in Asia and the Pacific -Annual Report 1996)

	   28th Meeting of the ICA Committee on Consumer
	     Co-op Development for Asia and the Pacific

The 28th Meeting of the ICA Committee on Consumer Co-op Development 
for Asia and the Pacific was held on 11 June, 1996 
at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

20 delegates from Bangladesh, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, 
Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam participated at the meeting. 
The meeting was hosted by ANGKASA.

During the meeting, the Committee adopted the new model 
constitution for ICA Specialised Committees with special 
provisions for admitting co-op consumer organizations at different 
levels with the concurrence of the member organization or in the 
absence of such a member, the national co-op organization of the 
country. This would regulate and facilitate the admission of 
members to the Committee.

Mr. Masao Ohya, the Chairperson of the Committee, who served 
for 10 years in the Committee, resigned from the post at the meeting 
as a result of his retirement from the JCCU. Many speakers 
appreciated his services and wished him good health and a long 
life in the active service to the community. 

Mr. Hiroshi Tanaka, Vice President of the JCCU, was elected 
as the Chairperson unanimously. The members elected Mr. Lim 
Ho Seng from Singapore, as the Vice Chairperson for another term. 

Mr. Takemoto, the Chairperson of the JCCU, as well as the Co-op 
Kobe, 0made a speech to thank the co-operators who gave support 
during the Kobe earthquake and said that this provided a clear 
example of solidarity and the courage of the co-operators. 

He stated that Co-op Kobe not only recovered from its destruction, 
but achieved a substantial business and a surplus during the 
reconstruction period. 

The Committee approved a new Four Year Work Plan covering 
the period up to year 2000. It has been noted that there are new
developments in the consumer industry such as green consumerism, 
fair trading  and strategic planning and business alliances that have 
been included in the new work plan. 

The delegates from different countries shared their experiences in 
the changing consumer business and learned from each other.  The 
country case study presented from Malaysia, by Dato Wahiduddin
revealed several problems faced by consumer co-operatives in 
Malaysia, due to unhealthy competition with the private sector, 
inefficient management, and lack of resources. 

The Committee also discussed the contents of the ICAROAP 
Advisory Committee Report and noted the references on economic 
relations. The Committee would wait for the decisions by the 
Regional Assembly.