New Approach to Curriculum Development for Co-operative Training (1996)


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                          December, 1996
(Source: Asia-Pacific Co-op News, Vol.3, No.1, Sept-Dec.,1996, p.5)

New Approach to Curriculum Development
for Cooperative Training


The ICA ROAP and ILO Co-opnet Project jointly organized a Regional Seminar 
on Curriculum Development in Co-operative Training from 17-28, December 1996 
to introduce a systematic approach to co-operative training.

The seminar provided an opportunity for 25 senior trainees from India, 
Indonesia, Korea, Peoples Republic of China, Iran, Myanmar, Philippines, 
Thailand and Sri Lanka not only to gain theoretical knowledge on the approach, 
but also reinforcing it with actual practice in the field. Two multipurpose 
co-operatives around the capital city of Colombo helped the group to have 
on the job training to develop curriculum for selected jobs in 
multipurpose co-operatives.

A presentation of drafted curricula was reviewed with the group of 
co-operative presidents, chief executives and job holders.

The Seminar participants prepared their own action plans for follow up action 
on the experience they had. Many will undertake developing curriculum for selected jobs.

Mr. S. Vithanage, Additional Secretary to the Ministry of Co-operatives 
inaugurated the Seminar. Mr. M. Ostergard, the Country Director of the 
ILO in Sri Lanka too made contributions at the opening and closing of 
the Seminar.

The reflections made by the participants has shown the relevance and the 
usefulness of the Seminar. Some have proposed follow up events to the Seminar.