International Co-oprative and Mutual Insurance Federation Member Dir. (1996)


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                         December, 1996
          (Source: Review of International Co-operation
                    Vol.89, No.4/1996, pp.61)

          International Co-operative and Mutual Insurance
               Federation Member Directory - 1996


               ICMIF, Altrinham, 1996, 394pp.

For the second consecutive year the ICMIF has published its
membership directory. ICMIF full members now represent over 150
insurers belonging to 82 member organisations in 52 countries.
In addition to full members, ICMIF has 4 associate members that
are co-operative insurance agencies, and 5 observers that,
although involved with co-operative or mutual insurance, are not
risk-bearing entities.

The first pages of the directory present an overview of the
Federation's membership, the second part gives detailed
information on individual members.

Each information sheet is divided into three distinct parts. The
first gives fairly standardised information on the management
structure, history, and areas of operations. The third gives
financial statements. But for many reasons, and this is a
particular merit of the authors of this Directory, the second
part called Strategic Issues is the most interesting. This
section describes the strategies that the company adopted in
order to promote business, the challenges - coming from inside
or outside - obstacles or innovations for the future. If for many
societies the competition from other actors on the market is the
first source of preoccupation, the policies involved enhance the
distinct co-operative identity.

It would certainly be useful to add to this Directory a few
tables presenting at a glance the world's largest co-op insurance
companies, but no doubt this will be done in next edition.

- AP