Regional Consultation on "Co-operatives in a Changing Socio-Economic..(1996)


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                         December, 1996
          (Source: Review of International Co-operation
                    Vol.89, No.4/1996, pp.61-62)

     Regional Consultation on `Co-operatives in a Changing
     Socio' Economic Environment' in the Asia-Pacific Region
          2-6 December 1996, Yangon. Background Papers.


               ICA ROAP, New Delhi, 1996, 78pp.

The regional consultation opens the preparatory process for the
next Ministerial Conference which will be held in Chiangmai in

Overall Implementation and Achievements of the Past Three Co-
operative Ministers Conferences, by Dr R.C. Dwivedi, presents the
achievements and failures of the first conferences. The author
has been involved in the process since the very beginning.

Critical Study on Co-operative Legislation and Competitiveness,
by Ibnoe Soedjono and Mariano Cordero. It covers five countries:
Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, and
reviews the progress in drafting or enactment of co-op

Gender and Development, by Akiko Yamauchi, addresses various
issues relating to gender equality and co-operatives. Co-
operatives are one of the best tools women can use to gain
economic independence. The ICA has been actively promoting
women's involvement in the co-operatives. The new principles
highlight women's role and emphasise the importance of
gender balance in relation to development.

Sustainable Development and Co-operatives, by W.U. Herath,
presents Asian experience. The role of co-operatives in poverty
alleviation, food security, employment creation, literacy,
conservation of ecosystems, environment-friendly marketing
systems and promotion of appropriate technology is thoroughly