The International Co-operative Movement by Johnston Birchall

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                         12 September 1995

               The International Co-operative Movement 
                         by Johnston Birchall

Johston Birchall is the author of "Co-op: the People's
Business", which was published in celebration of the 150th
anniversary of the Rochdale Pioneers. His new book on "the
International Co-operative Movement" will be published by
Manchester University Press at the end of 1996. Like the
previous book, it will be in a large format, and with over 150
photographs, many in full colour. The text will explore the
following subjects:

     *    The early history of Co-operation and its growth
into a worldwide movement

     *    The hundred years history of the International Co-   
operative Alliance

     *    Co-operative principles and values

     *    Co-operation and development

     *    Co-operation in Europe

     *    Co-operation in Asia and the Pacific Rim

     *    Co-operation in Africa

     *    Co-operation in the Americas

     *    International Co-operation

     *    Democracy, accountability and the role of management

     *    Towards a moral economy - the Co-operative way

Drawing on the collective wisdom of co-operators worldwide, it
will include case studies of co-ops and co-operative
movements. It will deal with major issues for the future such
as Co-operation and the environment and the role of women in
co-ops, and will suggest ways of thinking about the
co-operative sector which will enable its true potential to be

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