Ground Level Development: NGOs, Co-ops & Local Orgs. in the Third World

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Book Review

              Ground Level Development:
  NGOs, Co-operatives and Local Organisations in the Third World

          Hans Holmen and Magnus Jirstroem (eds)
          Published by the Lund University Press
            ISBN - 91-7966-295-1, 140 pages

Local, non-governmental organisations are increasingly presented
as a solution to poverty and under-development in poor countries.
Expectations on their potentials as development vehicles are,
however, often exaggerated and unrealistic. This anthology tries
to identify potentials and limitations of local organisations in
the development process. It also seeks to identify fields and
topics where more research is needed for a better assessment of
what can realistically be expected from local organisations in
Third World development.

The book contains five papers concerning the role of local
organisations in Third World rural development. Three papers are
of a more general and theoretical nature and two papers are
case-studies from Malaysia and the Philippines. Together they
offer a critical inquiry into the theory and practice of rural

Although differing with respect to setting and emphasis, all
papers share a common view on the importance of local
organisations for rural development in the Third World. However,
they also share the view that local and non-governmental
organisations cannot solve the whole problem of underdevelopment.
Conventional LOs, particularly co-operatives and similar
constructs, often fail to benefit the most vulnerable groups
and/or strata. For these growing segments of the Third World's
population new approaches and new forms of organisation will be

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     Organisations in the Third World, Hans Holmen and Magnus
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