FAO Training of Trainers for Cooperative Development (1996)

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              Advancement of Cooperatives (COPAC)

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                         NEWS: Excerpt 
                       May-August 1996

Training of trainers for cooperative development  

FAO has initiated a new programme for the training of trainers
in cooperative development. The programme aims at helping
developing countries transform their agricultural cooperatives
into genuine self-help organizations. It will test training
methodologies through FAO field projects in China, Ethiopia,
India, Indonesia, Thailand and countries of Central and Eastern

The programme will develop a "training of trainers" manual geared
to encouraging greater membership participation, improving
management, and familiarizing political and administrative
decision-makers with new cooperative development approaches.  

Topics covered will include effective communication, fixing
cooperative objectives, mobilizing financial and human resources,
participatory planning and cooperative management. The manual
will be published in late 1996.