University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives

o Northeast Missouri Grain Processors, Inc.: Community Case Study

A report for the U.S. Department of Agriculture Fund for Rural America in support for the Fund for Rural America Center for Cooperative Enterprise. Februrary 1998

By Kristi Livingston and Michael Cook, University of Missouri, Columbia; Robert King, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, Anne Reynolds, University of Wisconsin, Madison, David Trechter, University of Wisconsin, River Falls


Northeast Missouri Grain Processors, Inc. is an organizational pioneering endeavor as it seeks to successfully become the first defined membership, value-added or "new generation" cooperative in Missouri.  The cooperative was formed to explore the economic feasibility of the construction of an ethanol plant.  The goal is to create a new market for corn and to provide a value-added use to increase profitability.  The group is currently holding informational meetings to raise equity from producers.  Macon has been selected as the site of proposed plant.  Key lessons learned include:

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