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o South Dakota Soybean Processors

A report for the U.S. Department of Agriculture Fund for Rural America in support for the Fund for Rural America Center for Cooperative Enterprise. March 1998

Kim Zeuli (University of Minnesota, St. Paul), Gary A. Goreham (North Dakota State University), Evert van der Sluis (South Dakota State University).


South Dakota Soybean Processors (SDSP) is one of more than 50 New Generation Cooperatives (NGCs) that have been established in the Upper Midwest since the late 1980s. As is the case with other agricultural NGCs, SDSP’s major focus is on producing intermediate agricultural products from raw agricultural commodities. In particular, the main products produced by SDSP are soy oil and soy meal, obtained in a process of soybean crushing and oil extraction. The raw soybeans are obtained from the cooperatives soybean member-producers.

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