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Childcare Cooperatives

The ABCs of Cooperative Child Care, a 21-minute video on establishing and running a cooperative child care center. Produced by the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA), in conjunction with the University of California Center for Cooperatives. For information on ordering, contact Jill Stevenson at NCBA by calling 202-638-6222, or e-mail jstevenson@ncba.org.

Babysitting Cooperatives From Preschool Education.com

Babysitting Cooperatives From National Network for Child Care

Babysittingcoop.com Smart Mom's Baby-sitting Co-op Startup Kit

Babysitting cooperatives save money and sanity From Pamela White

How to Start a Cooperative Preschool Guide available for purchase from National Cooperative Business Association

How to Organize a Babysitting Cooperative Guide available for purchase from National Cooperative Business Association

Iowa Cares: How Rural Iowa Benefits from Child Care Centers, from Rural Cooperatives, USDA, January/February 1996.

National Cooperative Business Association information on child care cooperatives.

On the Micro-foundations of Money: The Capitol Hill Baby-Sitting Co-op,
by Thorsten Hens, University of Zurich - Institute of Empirical Research in Economics (IEW);
Klaus Reiner Schenk-Hoppe, University of Copenhagen - Institute of Economics; University of Zurich - Institute for Empirical Economic Research; Bodo Vogt, Bielefeld University - Institute of Mathematical Economics
University of Zurich Working Paper No. 108, March 2002

Organizing a babysitting coop Anonymous

Working Together to Get Off Welfare (Audio) NPR Online 5/12/97

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