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Credit Unions/Banking Cooperatives

Evaluation the Role of Peruvian Credit Unions: A Case Study of 8 Credit Unions
By Reka Sundaram-Stukel

Bringing More Affordable Financial Services to the Inner City: The Strategic Alliance between Bethex Federal Credit Union and RiteCheck
By Michael Stegman
Center for Community Capitalism, Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Center for Credit Union Research within UW's Business School. In cooperation with the Filene Research Institute, funds research projects that analyze issues affecting credit unions and consumer finances.

The Community Development Banking discussion group is another good e-mail discussion group. Its archives may be found at this site. It covers a wide range of community development topics. Contact and subscription information: HTTP://www.alternatives.org/cdblist.htm

The Co-operative Bank (Case)

Authors: Robert S. Kaplan ; Srikant Datar
A British bank with strong roots in the cooperative movement encounters declining profitability in an increasingly competitive and deregulated financial services industry. It attempts to grow by broadening its customer base and increasing the range of products and services offered. It turns to activity-based costing as part of its reengineering effort to learn more about the process and product costs and customer profitability, and contemplates what actions to take based on this new information.

Cooperative Credit in British Burma
Sean Turnell Burma Economic Watch/Economics Department, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Corporate Governance and Rating: Do Agencies Rate Mutual Bank Bonds Fairly?
by Klaus P. Fischer and Ridha M. Mahfoudhi
CREFA Working Paper No. 01-12
July 2002

Credit Access and Borrowing Costs in Poland's Agricultural Credit Market: A Hedonic Pricing Approach
By Martin Petrick and Laure Latruffe
IAMO Discussion Paper No. 46
Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe (IAMO)

Credit Union Governance and Survival of the Cooperative Form
Ken Davis
University of Melbourne - Department of Accounting and Finance
Journal of Financial Services Research, Vol. 19, No. 2/3, April 2001

Credit union restructuring: A Response to the developments in the international finance industry
By Steven W. Rick
World Council of Credit Unions Research Monograph Series No. 11
February 1998

Credit Unions in Guatemala: 1987-1992, The role and impact of credit unions: Helping to meet the needs of small scale producers,
By Bradford Barham and Stephen Boucher
World Council of Credit Unions Research Monograph Series No. 6
November 1994

CUNA & Affiliates is the largest national trade association for credit unions. CUNA's web site includes financial information for consumers and links to many credit unions, as well as the lead story and headlines from Credit Union Magazine's News Now.

CUNA's list of credit union web sites also provides links to state credit union leagues.

Economies of Scale and Scope in Small Depository Institutions: Evidence from U.S. Cooperative Banks
by Seyed Mahdian, Rasoul Rezvanian, and Elyas Elyasiani.
Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance,
Vol. 36 No. 1, Spring 1996

Ecuador credit unions micro-enterprise innovation project,
by Brian Branch and David Richardson
World Council of Credit Unions Research Monograph Series No. 14
October 1998

Financial Cooperatives: A "Market Solution" to SME and Rural Financing
by Klaus P. Fischer
CREFA Working Paper No. 98-03
February 1998

Financial market niche: Member behavior profile, credit unions in Guatemala,
By Stephen Boucher, Bradford Barham, and Brian Birch
World Council of Credit Unions Research Monograph Series No. 2
March 1993

Florida Credit Union League Tallahassee, Florida

The Impact of Credit Unions in Guatemalan Financial Markets ,
by David C. Richardson and Barry L. Lennon
World Council of Credit Unions Research Monograph Series No. 3
September 1994

Informal Credit Homepage from Hari Srinivas, Tokyo, Japan. Includes searchable index, many internet sources.

Malawi Union of Savings and Credit Cooperatives: Member Service survey
By Janet Marie Eisenhauer
World Council of Credit Unions Research Monograph Series No. 8

Member Linkage Tool Builds Policy and Action
By Karen Zimbelman, Cooperative Grocer January/February 2001

Microfinance in Guatemala: The Case of credit unions,
by Gloria Almeyda and Brian Branch
World Council of Credit Unions Research Monograph Series No. 13
October 1998

Mid-States Corporate Federal Credit Union is an extensive and well- designed resource.

NCB Capital Impact is an affiliated non-profit corporation of National Consumer Cooperative Bank (NCB) providing financial and technical services both directly and indirectly through separate subsidiary LLCs. Housing development services are provided by NCB Community Works, LLC, jointly owned by NCB Capital Impact and NCB.

NCRC’S 2005 Report Reveals Credit Unions Abandon Their Commitments
National Community Reinvestment Coalition, 2005

The National Credit Union Administration is the federal regulatory agency for credit unions. The web site includes a searchable Credit Union Database, featuring directory information and financial reports. It's possible to customize the data.

Nicaragua financial services to microentrepreneurs: A study of rural credit unions,
Cathy Mahon
World Council of Credit Unions Research Monograph Series No. 15,

Polish credit union development: Building a sustainable network of financial services to serve low-income masses
By Anna Cora Evans and David C. Richardson
World Council of Credit Unions
Research Monograph 17
August 1999

Rabobank's Offer To Purchase Farm Credit Services of America -- A Case Study
Cole R. Gustafson, Staff Paper No. AAE 04006, North Dakota State University, December 2004

The Road to Jinotega,
By Nathalie Gons, Brian Branch, Mark Cifuentes
World Council of Credit Unions Monograph 18 January 2001.

The Road to success: Another crossroads: Experiences from the Honduras Cooperative Strengthening Project,
by Lee Arbuckle
World Council of Credit Unions Research Monograph Series No. 7
November 1994

The Role of Credit Cooperatives in Rural Russia,
Daniela Lohlein and Peter Wehrheim, Project GLOROS, June 2003.

The Role of credit unions in Ecuadorean financial markets: A Case study of 11 credit unions ,
by Dinah Mesbah
Credit Unions Research Monograph Series No. 10, 1997

The Role of credit unions in Nicaraguan financial markets: Improving the financial access of small savers and borrowers
By Dina Mesbah
World Council of Credit Unions Research Monograph Series No. 12
April 1998

The Role of credit unions in Salvadorean financial market: Expanding and improving the delivery of financial services to the rural poor,
by Dina Mesbah
World Council of Credit Unions Research Monograph Series No. 16
July 1998

Rwanda Credit Unions Member & Non-member Survey 2002,
By Ragan Petrie
World Council of Credit Unions Monograph 20, 2002

Scale Economies and Efficiencies for Chinese Rural Credit Cooperatives,
by Fengxia Dong and Allen Featherstone, Selected Paper, Southern Agricultural Economics Association

Selecting the "Best" prediction model: An application to agricultural cooperatives,
By Alicia N.Rambaldi, Hector O. Zapata, Ralph D. Christy, Southern Journal of Agricultural Economics, Volume 24, Number 1, pages 163-169

Strengthening Credit Unions in Sri Lanka: Dispelling the Middle Class Myth
Anna Cora Evans, August 2001
World Council of Credit Unions Monograph 19

Trust: A Concept Too Many
Timothy W. Guinnane, Yale University, February 2005

The Unpaved Road Ahead: HIV/AIDS & Microfinance An Exploration of Kenyan Credit Unions (SACCOs)
The World Council Research Monograph Series,
World Council of Credit Unions,
Anna Cora Evans & Geza Radu,
July 2002

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