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Fruit and Vegetable Cooperatives

Bargaining Associations in Grower-Processor Markets for Fruits and Vegetables.
Research Report 104. 19 pgs. 1992. Julie Iskow and Richard Sexton
USDA Rural Development.

CherrCo helps bring market stability to tart cherry industry
Pamela J. Karg, Rural Cooperatives November/December 2000

Cooperative approach helps black growers succeed
by Donna F. Abernathy

Cooperatives in the U.S. Citrus Industry
Research Report 137. 78 pgs. 1994. James A. Jacobs
USDA Rural Development.

The Cranberry Industry and Ocean Spray Cooperative: Lessons in Cooperative Governance
FSRG Monograph Series, #19, January 2006. Edward T. Jesse and Richard T. Ropers

Efficient Marketing of Blueberries in Mississippi and Louisiana,
by Safdar Muhammad and Albert J. Allen
Journal of Food Distribution Research, Volume 31, Number 1, pages 152-158

An Examination of Member and Non-member Issues in Fruit and Vegetable Marketing Cooperatives in the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Region. Publication for the NCR - 194 Research on Cooperatives Annual Meeting held on December 12-13, 2000

Fruit and Vegetable Cooperatives
CIR 1 Section 13. 60 pgs. 1990. James A. Jacobs
From USDA Rural Development.

Patron Demand Deposit Account Financing: An Update.
by Ken Duft and Erica Brueckner. Publications for the NCR - 194 Research on Cooperatives Annual Meeting held on December 12-13, 2000

Peach Growers Cling to Association
by Pamela J. Karg, Rural Cooperatives January/February 2001

Pooling Operations of Cooperatives
Research Report 168. 1998. Andrew A. Jermolowicz
USDA Rural Development

Record cranberry crops, soft markets force industry to eye marketing order
by Pamela J. Karg, Rural Cooperatives May/June 2001

Small Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Cooperative Operations
CIR 27. 28 pgs. Reprinted 1990. Fred E. Hulse, Gilbert W. Biggs, and Roger A. Wissman
From USDA Rural Development.

Sunkist cheers opening of China and other cooperative news stories
Rural Cooperatives May/June 2000

Supply Chain Coordination: A Case Study of Vegetable Growers in Colorado
By Susan Hine and Wendy Umberger
Paper presented at Western Coordinating Committee on Agribusiness: WCC-72 Annual Meeting
Western Coordinating Committee on Agribusiness: WCC-72, July 2002

Tri Valley Growers files Chapter -11 bankruptcy
by Dan Campbell Rural Cooperatives July/August 2000

Vegetable Producers Develop a Market: Homegrown Wisconsin -- Serving Restaurants in Madison and Chicago by Jody Padgham of UWCC

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