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Grain Cooperatives

Changes in Financial Profile of Cooperatives Handling Grain: First Handlers With $5 Million or More in Sales in 1985 and 1983
Research Report 76. 42 pgs. 1988. David E, Cummins and Francis P. Yager
USDA Rural Development

Corn Belt Grain Cooperatives Adjust to Challenges of 1980s, Poised for 1990s
Research Report 117. 35 pgs. 1993. David Cummins
USDA Rural Development

Cooperative Grain Marketing: Changes, Issues, and Alternatives
Research Report 123. 18 pgs. 1994. Marc Warman
USDA Rural Development

Cooperative Marketing in Specialty Grains and Identity Preserved Grain Markets,
by Edward L. Janzen and William W. Wilson
Agribusiness & Applied Economics Report No. 500
North Dakota State University

Finding a niche: How Dakota Growers Pasta co-op found success in a highly competitive market
By Michael Boland and David Barton Rural Cooperatives July/August 2001

First-Handler Grain Cooperative Elasticities.
Research Report 128. 19 pgs. 1994. Anthony C. Crooks and David E. Cummins
USDA Rural Development

How Culture Drives Economic Behavior in Cooperatives,
By Julie Hogeland
Mapping Co-operative Studies in the New Millenium
University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, May 29, 2003

Local cooperatives' role in identity- preserved grain industry
by Julie A. Hogeland, Rural Cooperatives May/June 2001

Marketing and Transportation of Grain by Local Cooperatives
Research Report 115. 16 pgs. 1993. Charles L. Hunley and David E. Cummins
USDA Rural Development

New Generation Cooperatives Case Study: Going Against the Grain: The Story of Mountain View Harvest Corporation
by Patricia Buschette, New Generation Cooperatives: Case Studies, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs, Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL, 2000

Price Pooling and the Gains from Hedging: Application to a Swedish Grain Cooperative
by Demcey Johnson, Tomas Nilsson, and Hans Andersson
American Agricultural Economics Association - 2001 Annual Meeting

Response of Cooperative Elevators to Changes In Government Policies
Research Report 153. 21 pgs. 1997. Larry Stearns, David W. Cobia and Marc Warman
USDA Rural Development

The South Dakota Soybean Processors Cooperative: Socioeconomic Impacts.
by Evert Van der Sluis and Paula Loewe. Publications for the NCR - 194 Research on Cooperatives Annual Meeting held on December 12-13, 2000.

Strategies for Survival by Cooperative Country Elevators Revisited
Research Report 158. 21 pgs. 1997. Larry Sterns, David W. Cobia and Marc Warman
USDA Rural Development

Wheat Grain Cooperatives Adjust to Challenges of 1980s, Poised for 1990s
Research Report 132. 60 pgs. 1994. David E. Cummins
USDA Rural Development

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