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Health Care Cooperatives

Farmer Health Insurance Cooperatives: An Innovative Solution for Other Americans?
Reka Sundaram-Stukel and Steven Deller

Starting a worker owned cooperative for home care workers
Guidance and resources for building a worker owned home care cooperative. A joint project of USDA Rural Development, CAP Services, Wisconsin, and the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives. Funding by the Mutual Services Cooperative Fund.

Leadership Development for Rural Health
Tim Size, Executive Director Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative North Carolina Medical Journal January/February 2006

Home Care Cooperatives: Worker Ownership in Focus
Julie Whitaker, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Stu Schneider, Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute
Margaret Bau, Wisconsin USDA Rural Development
March 2005

Cooperative Care
Cooperative Care was one of 99 semifinalists for the prestigious 2002 Innovations in American Government Awards, sponsored by the Institute for Government Innovation at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. This essay was written by Dianne Harrington to support the award. Dianne is a social worker consultant, who assisted with the exploration and development of Cooperative Care.

Shared-Services Cooperatives
Research Report 141. 14 pgs. Reprinted 1997. Anthony C. Crooks, Karen Spatz, and Marc Warman
USDA Rural Development

Co-operative Health ,
By Vern Hughes
Co-operative Federation of Victoria Ltd

Cooperative Home Care Associates is a for-profit, worker-owned cooperative located in the South Bronx, New York. The cooperative provides home health care aides on a contract basis to large health-care providers such as the Visiting Nurse Service and major hospitals. This article is from a report published by the Aspen Institute, Jobs and the Urban Poor.

Health insurance for informal sector: case study of Gujarat
by Gumber, Anil; Kulkarni, Veena, Economic and Political Weekly (EPW), India, September 2000

Managing Partnerships: The Perspective of a Rural Hospital Cooperative by Tim Size, Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative. Published by Health Care Management Review, Volume 18, Number 1, Winter 1993, pp. 31-41.

NPR Visits the Uganda Health Cooperative
HealthPartners, Minneapolis, Minnesota 2002

Opportunities for Co-operatives in Health Care This paper canvasses five models for existing and new co-operatives in the field of health services: primary care co-operative, community hospital co-operative, health services and products purchasing co-operative, health insurance co-operative, integrated provision and insurance co-operative. Discussion Paper No. 3, Co-operative Federation of Victoria Ltd, Melbourne, Australia.

Prepaid Care, Third-World Style: The Uganda Health Cooperative,
By Scott Aebischer,
Managed Care June 2000.

Rick Surpin (A) (Case)
Kirk O. Hanson ; David Bollier ; Penelope Rowlands
A long-time community development worker creates hundreds of jobs for low-income women and minorities by forming a for-profit home health care cooperative, Cooperative Home Care Associates. May be used in Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources Management, and Ethics courses to help students explore: 1) the motives of an entrepreneur starting a venture to meet a tangible social need--the "social entrepreneur;" 2) the concept of worker-ownership and its potential consequences; 3) how to simultaneously serve the needs of various groups in an economically deprived area; and 4) the creation of jobs for individuals many dismiss as "unemployable" (single mothers on welfare, etc.).

Cooperative Insurance Companies

Coop Care is a project designed to create health insurance purchasing cooperatives throughout Wisconsin.

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CUNA Mutual Insurance Company provides insurance services to credit unions and consumers.

Pension Solutions, Inc. is a subsidiary of the MSI Insurance Companies. It manages qualified retirement programs for businesses and associations.

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