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International Cooperative Movement

Evaluation the Role of Peruvian Credit Unions: A Case Study of 8 Credit Unions
By Reka Sundaram-Stukel

Agriculture Cooperatives
Zenkyoren (National Mutual Insurance Federation of Japan), Annual Report 2003-04

Agriculture Cooperatives in Ethiopia
Joshua Walton
Senior Vice President, Africa and the Middle East

Agricultural Marketing Cooperatives, Rural Development, and Food System Development in Two Southeast Asian Countries
By Antoon Gerard Vergroesen
Plan B Paper
Michigan State University, 1989 (8.42mb)

Between State and Market Forces: Greek Agricultural Organizations in Transition Period
Vassilis Petronis, XIIV Economic History Congress, Buenos Aires, 2002

Boosting the 3 Bs: England's Plunkett Foundation promotes "The furtherance of rural cooperatives"
by Eliza Banks Rural Cooperatives March/April 2000

Business Plan: Bam Nadee Micro-grid Cooperative
The World Bank Group

Capacity Building of Agricultural Cooperatives To Meet the Market and Human Resources Development Demands
By Daman Prakash, Director, PAMDA-NETWORK International, New Delhi, India

A Century of the Philippine Cooperative Movement
by Prof. Jorge V. Sibal
UP SOLAIR, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

Challenges before Cooperatives in South Asia - Building a Comparative Advantage

Cooperative Agro Pastorale Segbeya African swine-raising, cooperative struggles to survive and prosper
by Azanmasso Joseph and Steven Graham, Rural Cooperatives November/December 2001

Co-op Atlantic Stores to Merge
By Tom Webb Cooperative Grocer November/December 2000

Co-ops benefit from fostering foreign links by Jody Padgham of UWCC , The Country Today April 25, 2001

The cooperative economics of Italy's Emilia-Romagna holds a lesson for the U.S.
The Nation, Published by The Nation Company, L.P.

Co-operatives in the Republic of Uzbekistan
Abdukakhkhor A Abduganiyev, Visiting Research Fellow, Texas A&M University, 1999

Cooperatives in Conflict and Failed States
Ted Weihe, U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council June 2, 2004

Creating a Marketing Cooperative: Experience from Kyrgyz Sheep Breeder's Association
Project Information
World Bank, 2002

Credit Unions in Guatemala: 1987-1992, The role and impact of credit unions: Helping to meet the needs of small scale producers,
By Bradford Barham and Stephen Boucher
World Council of Credit Unions Research Monograph Series No. 6
November 1994

Database of Cooperative Law
ILO, Geneva, February 2001

Development and Poverty Reduction: Do Institutions Matter? A Study on the Impact of Local Institutions in Rural India,
By Vasant P. Gandhi and Robin Marsh
Contributed Paper
International Association of Agricultural Economics, 2003

Development of Agricultural Cooperatives - Relevance of Japanese Experience to Developing Countries
Dr. Daman Prakash, Senior Consultant and Director
International Cooperative Alliance, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, New Delhi, India

Dismantling a Jewish/Arab Co-op (Audio)
NPR Online 7/14/97

Ecuador credit unions micro-enterprise innovation project,
by Brian Branch and David Richardson
World Council of Credit Unions Research Monograph Series No. 14
October 1998

Effects of managers’ power on capital structure: a study of Italian agricultural cooperatives
Carlo Russoa, Dave Weatherspoon, Christopher Peterson, Massimo Sabbatinia 2000

Empowering Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa : Best Practices
AFTES Working Paper No. 14. Agricultural Policy and Production.
Technical Department, Africa Region. Washington, D.C.: World Bank.

Equity Management Practices in Italian Agricultural Cooperatives: A Cluster Analysis Approach
Carlo Russo and Massimo Sabbatini, Department Economia e Territorio, University of Cassino, Italy, 2002.

European Cooperative Movement – Background and common denominators
Jarka ChloupkovŠ* The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University Department of Economics and Natural Resources 2002

Financing Economic Self-reliance and Member Participation in Farmer Organizations in Kenya
FAO Rural Development Division

Forms of Farmers' Economic Organizations in China - Experiementation with agricultural cooperative organizations
Dr. Daman Prakash, Director
Rural Development and Management Centre, New Delhi, India

Impacts of Cyprus' European Union Integration on Turkish Cypriot Cooperatives with Emphasis on the Financial Sector of Cooperatives
Okan Safakli, Near East University, Dugus Universitesi Dergiis, 2002,(6), 111-123.

Institutional and Business Development Planning for Farm Forestry Cooperatives and Self Help Groups in Rajasthan and Madya Pradesh
Dr. Daman Prakash, Director
PAMDA Network-International, New Delhi, India

International Cooperative Association Information Center

IT at Milk Collection Centers in Cooperative Dairies: The National Dairy Development Board Experience
The World Bank Group

Haiti Progress (Audio)
Report on sugar cooperative and rural development in Haiti, National Public Radio NPR Online 6/2/00

Health insurance for informal sector: case study of Gujarat
by Gumber, Anil; Kulkarni, Veena, Economic and Political Weekly (EPW), India, September 2000

Internationalization in Everday Life: The Role of Consumer Co-ops in Japan
by Ruth Grubel, Professor, School of Sociology and Social Work, Kwansei Gakuin University, March 2004

Italian Co-ops
By Margaret Lund Cooperative Grocer November/December 2000

Machambas in the City: Urban Women and Agricultural Work in Mozambique
Kathleen Sheldon, Lusotopie, 1999

Malawi Union of Savings and Credit Cooperatives: Member Service survey
By Janet Marie Eisenhauer
World Council of Credit Unions Research Monograph Series No. 8

Meeting private grades and standards in transition agriculture: Experiences from the Armenian dairy industry ,
By Jack Cocks, Hamish R. Gow, and Daniel J. Dunn Selected Paper, American Agricultural Economics Association - 2003

Microfinance in Guatemala: The Case of credit unions,
by Gloria Almeyda and Brian Branch
World Council of Credit Unions Research Monograph Series No. 13
October 1998

A Neo-Institutional Assessment of Cooperative Evolution: Comparing the Australian Wheat Board and the Fonterra Dairy Group ,
by Dr. David Trechter
NCR-194 Research on Cooperatives Annual Meeting Presentation Paper, October 29, 2003

Nicaragua financial services to microentrepreneurs: A study of rural credit unions,
Cathy Mahon
World Council of Credit Unions Research Monograph Series No. 15,

Participatory action research and people's participation: Introduction and case studies
by Gerrit Huizer
Third World Centre
Catholic University of Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Submitted to United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
May 1997

The Philippine Context for Rural Electrification
The World Bank Group

Prepaid Care, Third-World Style: The Uganda Health Cooperative,
By Scott Aebischer,
Managed Care June 2000.

Price Pooling and the Gains from Hedging: Application to a Swedish Grain Cooperative
by Demcey Johnson, Tomas Nilsson, and Hans Andersson
American Agricultural Economics Association - 2001 Annual Meeting

The Principles of Cooperation - A look at the ICA Cooperative Identity Statement
Dr. Daman Prakash, Former Director
International Cooperative Alliance, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, New Delhi, India

A Report on Aboriginal Co- operatives in Canada: Current Situation and Potential for Growth
by Lou Hammond-Ketilson and Ian MacPherson, March 2001 University of Saskatchewan, Centre for the Study of Co-operatives, March 2001

The Road to Jinotega,
By Nathalie Gons, Brian Branch, Mark Cifuentes
World Council of Credit Unions Monograph 18 January 2001.

The Road to success: Another crossroads: Experiences from the Honduras Cooperative Strengthening Project,
by Lee Arbuckle
World Council of Credit Unions Research Monograph Series No. 7
November 1994

The Role of Credit Cooperatives in Rural Russia,
Daniela Lohlein and Peter Wehrheim, Project GLOROS, June 2003.

The Role of credit unions in Nicaraguan financial markets: Improving the financial access of small savers and borrowers
By Dina Mesbah
World Council of Credit Unions Research Monograph Series No. 12
April 1998

The Role of Cooperatives in Providing Local Answers to Globalization.
by Levin, Mark. , ILO Cooperative Branch, Geneva. San Josť, Costa Rica, May 2001 Keynote Speech to the 10th National Cooperative Congress.

The Role of credit unions in Ecuadorean financial markets: A Case study of 11 credit unions ,
by Dinah Mesbah
Credit Unions Research Monograph Series No. 10, 1997

The Role of credit unions in Nicaraguan financial markets: Improving the financial access of small savers and borrowers
By Dina Mesbah
World Council of Credit Unions Research Monograph Series No. 12
April 1998

The Role of credit unions in Salvadorean financial market: Expanding and improving the delivery of financial services to the rural poor,
by Dina Mesbah
World Council of Credit Unions Research Monograph Series No. 16
July 1998

Rural Women, Food Security, and Agricultural Cooperatives
Dr. Daman Prakash, Director
ICA-Japan Agricoops Management Training Project for Asia

Rwanda Credit Unions Member & Non-member Survey 2002,
By Ragan Petrie
World Council of Credit Unions Monograph 20, 2002

Small farmers' group networks: A case study of Small Farmers Cooperatives Limited in Nepal
by Kailash Pyakuryal
Professor of Rural Sociology
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Submitted to United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
July 1997

Strengthening Credit Unions in Sri Lanka: Dispelling the Middle Class Myth
Anna Cora Evans, August 2001
World Council of Credit Unions Monograph 19

A Study on the Sustainability of Village-Based Cooperatives as an Institution of Development
By Maliha H. Hussein
Plan B Paper
Michigan State University
1989 (4.70mb)

When a Worker's Cooperative Works: The Case of Kerala Dinesh Beedi
by G. Mitu Gulatis, T.M. Thomas Isaac, and William A. Klein.
UCLA School of Law Research Paper No. 02-13
UCLA Law Review. No. 5 June 2002

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