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Books and Periodicals

Association of Cooperative Educators Quarterly Newletter

The Atlantic Co-operator

Monthly newspaper covering all aspects of co-operation values and principles in Atlantic Canada and around the world

Community and Co-op Development is a quarterly newletter published by the Minnesota office of the United States Department Department of Agriculture - Rural Development

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Community Economic Development
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

Community Forestry Connections seeks to inform and encourage the long-term health and prosperity of small, privately owned woodlots, their owners, and their communities. CFC also highlights events, activities, and resources for individuals and groups interested in independent third-party certification of family forests and wood products.

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Cooperative Grocer

The Cooperative Grocer is a lively, colorful, bi-monthly magazine produced for the managers and directors of the more than 350 food cooperatives across the United States and Canada. It is the natural food co-ops' only national trade magazine, and is committed to addressing their needs by providing a venue through which our best "retailers and cooperators" can share ideas and practices on operations, governance, and strategy.
Published by Dave Gutnecht, Athens, OH

Co-operative Ideology and Movement: The Roots, the Trunk and the Twigs, by S S Chandrasekharmath

Co-operative News published bi-monthy by the New Zealand Co-operatives Association, Inc.

Directors' Update published by Lindquist & Vennum, PLLP

Home Base: The Playbook for Cooperative Development
While this NCB Capital Impact publication guide is written specifically with cooperatives in mind, it is a useful tool for anyone undertaking a major multifamily real estate development project. Home Base is primarily intended for consumers, providing tenant groups and nonprofit developers a clear, step-by-step process for conversion to, or construction of, cooperative buildings. To download the guide or order a free copy, visit http://www.ncbcapitalimpact.org.

Masters of Management and Credit Unions Newsletter, St. Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia

New Sector: The Magazine of Community and Co-operative Enterprise

New Sector is the magazine of workers' co-operatives and community-owned businesses in the UK, and tries to establish world-wide links with others involved in local economic development work.

Rural Business and Co-op News published by Lindquist & Vennum, PLLP

Rural Cooperatives Through mid-2001 on UWCC site
Rural Cooperatives to Present on USDA site
Published bimonthly by Rural Business-Cooperative Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC

Year in Cooperation: A Cooperative Development Magazine
Published by the Minnesota Association of Cooperatives

Cooperative Books, Periodic Publications, Working Papers

Cooperative Development Services Publications

CDS is a nonprofit organization created and governed by the cooperative community of the Upper Midwest for the purpose of developing cooperative businesses in all sectors of the economy.

Cooperative Peace,
by James Peter Warbasse, was published in 1950 by the Cooperative Publishing Association. The complete text of this classic book is available online.

USDA Rural Business-Cooperative Service Publications

An online catalog of more than 200 cooperative publications and videos issued by the Cooperative Services program of USDA's Rural Business-Cooperative Service. A brief description of contents is given for each publication and videotape.

More publications from USDA Rural Development .

Values at Work: Employee Participation Meets Market Pressure at Mondragon
by George Cheney
Cornell University Press

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