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Risk Management for Cooperatives
Also see Financial Management, Management, or a specific type of cooperative

Agricultural Cooperatives and Risk Management: Impact on Financial Performance
By Mark Manfredo, Timothy Richards, Scott McDermott
Selected Paper
American Agricultural Economics Association - 2003

The Basic Formula Price Futures Contract: A New Dairy Industry Risk Management Tool
by Ed Jesse and Bob Cropp, March 1997. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dept. of Agriculture & Applied Economic, Marketing and Policy Briefing Paper, Paper No. 56.

Cooperative Formation and Financial Contracting in Agricultural Markets
Brent Hueth, Philippe Marcoul, and Roger Ginder, CARD Working Paper 03-WP 349, Iowa State University, Center for Agricultural and Rural Development October 2004

Dairy Cooperatives' Role in Managing Price Risks
Research Report 152. 15 pgs. 1996. K. Charles Ling and Carolyn B. Liebrand
USDA Rural Development

Driving Forces and Success Factors for Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures, Mergers, and Acquisitions among Local Cooperatives.
by Jennifer Vandeburg, Joan Fulton, Susan Hine, and Kevin McNamara. Publication for the NCR - 194 Research on Cooperatives Annual Meeting held on December 12-13, 2000.

Evaluating Producer Investment and Risk in New Generation Cooperatives Using Real Options,
Thomas Sporleder and Kim Zeuli, 2000

Forward Milk: Alto Dairy Cooperatives,
by Bob Cropp, January 1996. This paper summarizes a pilot project with Alto Dairy Cooperative, using cheese futures contracts as a means of offering cash forward milk price contracts to their members.

Managing Cooperative Antitrust Risk
CIR 38. 33 pgs. 1989. Donald A. Frederick
USDA Rural Development

Managing Price Risks: Hedging by Dairy Co-ops Requires Care,
by K. Charles Ling, Rural Cooperatives, July/August, 1996.

Price Pooling and the Gains from Hedging: Application to a Swedish Grain Cooperative
by Demcey Johnson, Tomas Nilsson, and Hans Andersson
American Agricultural Economics Association - 2001 Annual Meeting

Using Real Options to Evaluate Producer Investment in New Generation Cooperatives
by Thomas L. Sporleder and Michael D. Bailey
American Agricultural Economics Association - 2001 Annual Meeting

Selective Responses to Risk in Purchasing Grain: Do Patron and Investor Owned Firms Differ?
By Phillip H. Post
Plan B Paper
Michigan State University
1989 (5.60mb)

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