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Social or Third Way
Also see Health Care, Housing, Child Care

European Confederation of Workers’ co-operatives, Social Cooperatives and Participative Enterprises (CECOP)
CECOP is an international non profit association with its headquarter in Brussel (B) and an office for East Europe in Prague representing small and medium-sized worker-controlled enterprises across 42 member countries of the Council of Europe.

CECOP's core objectives are the representation of the interests of workers' co-operatives, social co-operatives and enterprises, workers participation and employee ownership towards the European Union institutions, the promotion of co-operative economic and social development in the European region, the creation of partnership and networks, and the transfer of information and know-how.

Innovative Co-ops in the Social Services Sector: A Research Study to Benefit People with Development Disabilities and Mental Illness
Kate Suttherland and Tim Beachy, CEO United Community Services Co-operative, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada March 2004

Italian Social Cooperatives
Wilda M. Vanek (Permission not for commercial or for-profit use. 2001 GEO, 177 Kiles Rd, Stillwater PA 17878 http://www.geo.coop)

On the Razor's Edge: Organize at All Levels or Risk Extinction
Speech by Bruno Roelants, Secretary General of CICOPA (International Organization of Industrial, Artisanal, and Service Producers Cooperatives), 2nd Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Conference Center (7/14/03) (Permission not for commercial or for-profit use. 2004 GEO, 177 Kiles Rd, Stillwater PA 17878 http://www.geo.coop)

The Social Cooperative
Dr. Renata Goegren, Consortio per I’Impresa Sociale Cooperativa, Trieste, Italy

Social Cooperatives
BC Institute for Co-operative Studies, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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