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Cooperative Statistics

Agricultural Exports by Cooperatives
Research Report 107. 17 pgs. 1992. Karen J. Spatz
USDA Rural Development

An Analysis of the Relationship between Communications Policies and Member Commitment to Cooperatives.
by David Trechter and Robert P King. Publication for the NCR - 194 Research on Cooperatives Annual Meeting held on December 12-13, 2000.

Asset growth for largest co-ops shows resilience to declining revenues
by David S. Chesnick, Rural Cooperatives January/February 2000

Changes in Financial Profile of Cooperatives Handling Grain: First Handlers With $5 Million or More in Sales in 1985 and 1983
Research Report 76. 42 pgs. 1988. David E, Cummins and Francis P. Yager
USDA Rural Development

Cooperative Businesses in the United States: A 2005 Snapshot
Prepared by the National Cooperative Month Planning Committee, October 2005

Cooperative Historical Statistics
CIR 1 Section 26. 81 pgs. Revised 1998. Celestine C. Adams
USDA Rural Development

Co-ops: Growing But Slowing,
1995 Retail Operations Survey of U.S. food cooperatives, from Cooperative Grocer, July/August 1996.

Co-ops' share of farm market, major cash expenditures down in '99
by Charles A. Kraenzle, Rural Cooperatives January/February 2001

Co-ops share of farm marketing up slightly in '98
by Charles A. Kraenzle Rural Cooperatives January/February 2001

Depressed ag sector puts squeeze on largest co-ops
by David S. Chesnick Rural Cooperatives January/February 2000

Downward spiral for commodity prices continues; bottom line mixed for Plains co-ops
by David Cummins, Rural Cooperative November/December 2000

Earnings, sales dip for local cooperatives
by Beverly L. Rotan, Rural Cooperatives March/April 2001

Farmer Cooperative Statistics, Annual Reports
Ralph Richardson, et.al.
USDA Rural Development


Financial performance declines for largest ag cooperatives in '99
By David Chesnick, Rural Cooperatives January/February 2001

Financial Profile of Largest 100 Agricultural Cooperatives
By David Chesnick
United States Department of Agriculture
Rural Business - Cooperative Service
Research Report 193

Financial Statistics of Largest Dairy Cooperatives, 1980-95
Research Report 164. 1998. Michael D. Kane
USDA Rural Development

Full-Time Employees, Sales, Assets of Selected Farmer Cooperatives
Research Report 129. 23 pgs. 1994. Charles Kraenzle
USDA Rural Development

How Does Your Local Farm Supply Cooperative Rate?
by Beverly L. Rotan Rural Cooperatives March/April 2000

How well are dairy cooperatives performing?
by Carolyn Liebrand Rural Cooperatives July/August 2000

Imports by Cooperatives, 1991
Research Report 121. 13 pgs. 1993. Karen J. Spatz
USDA Rural Development

Iowa Cooperatives Lead Nation in Business Volume
by Charles A. Kraenzle Rural Cooperatives March/April 1999

Lower commodity prices cause drop in co-op sales
Information for this article was compiled by the statistics staff of the Rural Business- Cooperative Service, a division of USDA Rural Development: Charles A. Kraenzle, Celestine C. Adams, Katherine C. DeVille, Jacqueline E. Penn and Ralph M. Richardson Rural Development September/October 2000

Marketing Operations of Dairy Cooperatives
Research Report 133. 33 pgs. 1994. K. Charles Ling and Carolyn Betts Liebrand
USDA Rural Development

Minnesota leads nation in co-op business volume
by Anthony Crooks, Rural Cooperatives March/April 2001

NCB Co-op 100: America's Top 100 Co-op Companies in 1997
Rural Development May/June 1998

NCB Co-op 100: America's Top 100 Co- op Companies 2005,
from the National Cooperative Bank, 2005.

Net savings dipped in 1999 for most corn- soybean and wheat-barley co-ops
by David Cummins, Rural Cooperatives September/October 2000

Problems and Issues Facing Farmer Cooperatives
By Thomas W. Gray and Charles A. Kraenzle
United States Department of Agriculture
Rural Business - Cooperative Service
Research Report 192, September 2002

Performance of Cooperatives Handling Farm Supplies, by Region
Research Report 160. 48 pgs. 1998. Beverly L. Rotan
USDA Rural Development

Retail Operations Survey 2000
By Walden Swanson, Peg Nolan, and Dave Gutknecht, Cooperative Grocer July/August 2001

Retail Operations Survey Shows Co-op Growth, Challenges,
1996 Retail Operations Survey of U.S. food cooperatives, from Cooperative Grocer, July/August 1997.

Retail Operations Survey Reports Growth, Earnings for Most Co-ops,
1997 Retail Operations Survey of U.S. food cooperatives,from Cooperative Grocer, July/August 1998.

Sugar cooperatives restructure to combat foreign threats, low prices
by Pamela J. Karg, Rural Cooperatives January/February 2001

A Survey of New Cooperative Ventures Since 1994
Adrienne Bernardi and Kim Zeuli, September 1999

Trade Takes a Tumble: Cooperative trade plunges 41% as Asian markets cool
by Tracey L. Kennedy Rural Cooperatives September/October 2000

Using Survey Data to Improve Co-ops
By John Eicholz, Cooperative Grocer July/August 2001

U.S. Cooperatives Extend Farmers' Reach Into Global Markets

U.S. Agricultural Cooperatives -- 1994 & 1995 statistics

U.S. Agricultural Cooperatives -- 1996 statistics

USDA Rural Business- Cooperative Service publications on history and statistics, with ordering information.

U.S. Rural Electric Cooperatives -- 1996 statistics

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