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Restructuring in the Utility Industry


  • "The Challenges of Competition -- An Electric Cooperative's Perspective", The Cooperative Accountant, Summer 1997 (part one of a two part series)
    "Competition in the electric industry has created challenges and opportunities for electric cooperatives. This two-part series examines competition from two angles. The first part provides an overview of some of the questions andpossible responses related to restructuring and diversification from the perspective of a leading distribution cooperative." (Source: The Cooperative Accountant).

  • Discussion Paper No 2: Opportunities for Co-operatives in Electricity Industry Restructuring, June 1996.
    This paper from the Co-operative Federation of Victoria Ltd's Co-operative Opportunities Project in Australia "aims to stimulate interest in the co-operative option in the restructuring of Victoria's electricity industry."

  • "Electricity Prices in a Competitive Environment: Marginal Cost Pricing of Generation Services and Financial Status of Electric Utilities", U.S. Department of Energy, 1997.
    Under restructuring, utility rates would probably drop in California and the Northeast, but other areas, such as the Upper Midwest and the Pacific Northwest would see rate hikes of nearly 25 percent. Rural areas would be most affected by the rate hikes.

  • National Rural Electric Cooperative Association has a page of resources on restructuring.

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