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Miscellaneous UWCC Publications

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General Publications

The Board of Directors of Cooperatives
by Garoyan and Mohn

Board-directorate profile, board liability, total management concept, motivation, planning, business control, communication, cooperative growth, investment decisions, members' roles, and more.

1983, Univ. Of California, Cooperative Extension, Div. of Ag. Sciences
8 1/2 x 11; 215 pp. $6.00

Challenges to the Cooperative Board of Directors-- 1st ed.
Dave Gutknecht, ed.

Board's role, duties and responsibilities; director recruitment and moninations, financial statements, bylaws, business plans, management and board performance evaluations.
1996, Cooperative Grover, with the National Cooperative Business Assn.
8 1/2 x 11; 24 pp. $15.00

Cooperative Bibliography
Hill, McGrath and Reyes

Annotated guide to works in English on cooperatives and cooperation.
1981, UWCC, UW-Extension
8 1/2 x 11; 208 pp; 2016 works described. $15.00

Cooperative/Credit Union Dictionary and Reference: United States, Canada, World
Jack and Connie McLanahan

Definitions, organizations, biographies, chronologies, and resources.
1990, Cooperative Aluni Assn.
6 x 9; 410 pp. $14.50

Cooperatives, Principles, and Practices
Marvin Schaars
The most recent and most extensive revision of this seminal reference book is available free to download. A hard copy can also be ordered.

A practical introductory text on cooperative concepts, history , legal requirements, organization, and operations.
1980, UWCC, UW-Extension
8 1/2 x 11; 99 pp. $8.00

Cooperatives, Small Farmers, and Rural Development

A report on a series of workshops and an international seminar; with abstracts form studies on cooperatives and development.
1978, UWCC, UW-Extension
8 1/2 x 11; 132 pp. $3.00

Food Co-op Bibliography
Elena Reyes

Keys to Success for Rural Grocery Co-ops
Greg Lawless and Anne Reynolds, University of Wisconsin, Rural Cooperatives September/October 2005

Lists books, pamphlets, manuals, reports, and articles on food cooperatives.
1981, UWCC, UW-Extension
8 1/2 x 11, 24 pp. $5.00

Wisconsin Cooperatives: Directory and Business Information Guide
1993 (continuously updated since)

Agricultural marketing, service, and supply cooperatives, consumer cooperatives; retailer- and worker-owned cooperatives; cooperatives service organizations.
1993, UWCC, UW-Extension
8 1/2 x 11, 52 pp. $10.00

Publications on Cooperatives and the Law-- Conference Proceedings

Legal-Finance Conference-- 1982

Mergers and consolidations-- the exploratory and action phases, financing vertical integration for marketing, legal aspects of joint ventures, consmer bankruptcy code, industrial revenue bond financing, global opportunities, consumer cooperative development in the 1980s
8 1/2 x 11, 118 pp. $8.50

Legal-Finance Conference-- 1981

Financial and legal audits, alternative methods of short-term financing, finance outlook, merger, consolidations or joint ventures, accounts receivable financing/management, democratizing a cooperative.
8 1/2 x 11, 105 pp. $8.50

Legal-Finance Conference-- 1980

Membership financing and coping with inflation; legal counsel.
8 1/2 x 11, 101 pp. $6.00

Legal-Finance Conference-- 1978

Director and product liability, financing methods.
8 1/2 x 11, 129 pp. $6.00

National Workshops on Cooperatives and the Law, 1977-78: Combined Proceedings

8 1/2 x 11, 161 pp. $6.00

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Occasional Papers

Occasional Paper 1: Management of Integrated Agribusiness Cooperatives

Frank W. Groves, April, 1979

Occasional Paper 2: Edwin G. Nourse and the Competitive Yardstick School of Thought

Thomas P. Schomisch, July, 1979

Occasional Paper 3:Cooperative Equity Retirement: Some Guidelines and Practices

Michael L. Cook, Richard Vilstrup, Frank Groves, February, 1980 

Occasional Paper 4: Financial Characteristics of Wisconsin Farm Supply Cooperatives, 1966-1977

W. A. Dahl, W. D. Dobson, D. H. Veium, December, 1980

Occasional Paper 5: Equity Redemption Practices of Wisconsin Agricultural Cooperatives

Frank Groves, February, 1981

Occasional Paper 6: What is Cooperation? The Philosophy of Cooperation and it's Relationship to Cooperative Structure and Operations

Frank Groves, October, 1985

Occasional Paper 7: Capital Acquisition and Redemption Strategies for Cooperatives: The Search for an Equitable Strategy

Bruce L. Jones, June, 1986

Occasional Paper 8: Rationale for Establishing Plant Charges for Short Season Milk Sales to Deficit Areas

Robert Cropp, Charles Farr, July, 1986

Occasional Paper 9: Selecting and Evaluating the Cooperative Manager

Frank Groves, September, 1987

Occasional Paper 10: Forward Milk: Alto Dairy Cooperatives

Robert Cropp, February, 1996

Occasional Paper 11: Cooperative Ownership Compared to Other Business Arrangements for Multi-Family Dairy Operations

Greg Lawless, Robert Cropp, Phil Harris, April, 1996

Occasional Paper 12: Equity Redemption Practices: A study of Wisconsin Cooperatives

Robert Cropp, David Trechter, John Cottingham, Patrick Berends, September, 1998

Occasional Paper 13: The Farmer-Food Buyer Dialogue Project

Greg Lawless, G.W. Stevenson, John Hendrickson, Robert Cropp, November, 1999

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