New Generation Farmer Cooperatives:
The Development Process

Excerpts from the 1998 Cooperative Development Training Conference

Cooperatives: A Tool for Community Economic Development

The Productions from the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives

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Worker Owned Cooperative: presentations by Timothy Huet of the Center for Democratic Solutions, and Arno Kahn of Builders Commonwealth, a worker-owned homebuilders cooperative in Duluth, MN.
Housing Cooperative: presentations about cooperative senior housing, USDA programs for cooperative housing, a self-help home building program, and co-housing.
The Food System, Consumers, and Cooperatives. A panel discussions of cooperatives in the context of the broader food system. Drs. Ann Hoyt and Steve Steveson are joined by representatives of a food co-op and co-op distributor.
Formal Collaboration among Local Government and Non-profit: Presentations by Dr. David Trechtor and Sandra Miller, each of whom have had hands-on experience supporting such innovative collaborations.
Cooperatives in Childcare: Presentations about a parent-owned childcare cooperative in Jersey City and a worker-owned childcare cooperative in Philadelphia.

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