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Cooperative Sector Topics


Agriculture and Local Foods

North Central Region: County Food Systems Profiles Portal

Overview - Agricultural Cooperatives in the U.S. Economy

Joint Ventures and Subsidiaries of Agricultural Cooperatives
USDA Research Report 226, June 2012. 
Bruce J. Reynolds

Dairy Cooperatives in the 21st Century - the First Decade
USDA Research Report 225
Carolyn B. Liebrand

The Nature of the Cooperative: A Dairy Cooperative Case Study
USDA Research Report 224

Measuring the Performance of Agricultural Cooperatives
USDA Research Report, 213, 2007

The Cranberry Industry and Ocean Spray Cooperative: Lessons in Cooperative Governance
FSRG Monograph Series, #19, January 2006
Edward T. Jesse and Richard T. Ropers


Arts & Crafts


The Cooperative Approach to Crafts
USDA, Cooperative Information Report 33




Steps to Organize a Child Care Co-op
California Center for Cooperative Development

Bringing Families Together: A Guide To Parent Cooperatives
E. Kim Coontz, Center for Cooperatives, University of California
Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4


Community Economic Development


Cooperatives - A Tool for Community Economy Development


Cooperative Finance



Credit Unions

Filene Institute
Credit Union National Association (CUNA)
National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions
"Co-op Power", Credit Union Magazine, January 2012.






Overview - Biofuels

Overview - Rural Electric

Harvesting Northwest Bioenergy Cooperatives: Mapping the Route to a Cooperatively-Owned Future for Emerging Bioenergy Industries
Northwest Cooperative Development Center

Providing Clean Energy and Energy Access through Cooperatives
International Labour Office


Farm Credit





Accounting Best Practices for Food Co-ops
Bruce Mayer, Peg Nolan and Steve Wolfe

Food Co-op Feasibility
Food Co-op Initiative

Keys to Success for Food Co-op Start Ups in Rural Areas: Four Case Studies
USDA Research Report 208

Legal Primer: For Formation of Consumer-Owned Food Cooperatives
Food Co-op Initiative

Member Loan Campaign Toolbox: A Guide for Retail Food Co-ops
Food Co-op Initiative

The Member Equity Toolbox: A Guide for Retail Food Co-ops
Food Co-op Initiative

The Twin Cities Cooperative local Food System: A Case Study and Commentary
Joan Stockinger and Dave Gutknecht of Cooperative Development Services



Farmer Health Insurance Cooperatives: An Innovative Solution for Other Americans?
Choices, 4th Quarter 2009.
Reka Sundaram-Stukel and Steve Deller




Cooperative Housing for Rural America
USDA, Cooperative Information Report 53

Cooperative Housing Toolbox: A Practical Guide for Cooperative Success
Northcountry Cooperative Foundation

Cooperative Housing Toolbox: A guide for Successful Community Development
Northcountry Cooperative Foundation

Development Manual for Small Rural Home Cooperatives
University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives

Home Base: The Playbook for Cooperative Development
NCB Capital Impact

Housing Cooperatives: An Accessible and Lasting Tool for Home Ownership
Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund

Housing Cooperatives in the USA
National Association of Housing Cooperatives


Mutual Insurance








How to Start a Car-sharing Cooperative
Transition United States




Strength in Numbers: How to Form a Rural Utility Cooperative
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium



Successful Cooperative Ownership Transitions
UW Center for Cooperatives and Democracy at Work Institute

Steps to Starting a Worker Co-op
Northwest Cooperative Federation and the University of California Center for Cooperatives

What is a Worker Co-op?
United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives

Worker Cooperatives: Pathways to Scale
Community Wealth

NCERA-194 Research on Cooperatives - Publications

UWCC Archives