University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives

2000 Invitational
     December 14 - 15, 2000
     Las Vegas, Nevada

Building Financial Strength

The 1998 Farmer Co-op 2000 conference addressed the global and industrial trends in agriculture impacting cooperatives. In 1999 the focus was on Excellence in Governance. The year 2000 conference offered a program on innovative debt and equity financing alternatives for cooperatives. It was attended by over 115 cooperative leaders who actively participated in discussion of capitalization and equity redemption programs.

  • Post Conference Summary
  • Conference Presentations
    • Anderson, Bruce - Cooperative Finance: Structure & Principles
    • Barton, David and Clubine, Irvin - Non-traditional Equity Management Strategies
    • Callahan, Thomas E. - Innovative Financing
    • Castanias, Rick -International Business Financing
    • Little, Porter - Financing U.S. Agricultural Exports
    • McBride, Mary - Trends and Innovations in Debt Finance
    • Naminck, Jeff - Overview of Alternative Financing Options
    • Peterson, Chris - The Financial Challenge for Cooperatives
    • Roberts, Jeff - Joint Ventures
    • Rydlund, Brian -Risk Management to Protect Financial Health
    • Sims, Doug - Building Cooperative Financial Strength: Challenges and Opportunities
    • Wyka, Susan -Trends in Junior Capital
    • Wyka, Susan -Innovations in Private Equity Markets
    • Torgerson, Randall - Issues Related to Cooperative Finance

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