Executing Vision and Strategy with Success.


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Executing Vision and Strategy with Success.

Executing Vision and Strategy with Success.

Detailed Strategic Planning Process is Crucial.

Detailed Strategic Planning .is Crucial.

Focus your plan .on the customers .that will be .85% of your business .in 5 YEARS!!!

Discovered we had .a governance challenge.

The Board embarked on a new governance that was equitable and revolved around districts.

Identify the Key Drivers .to Your Business!!.

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How did SDWG get. from 1998 to today?

When Execution of Change is Critical, Identify the Channels of Communication and Make that your Priority!!

Communication with the Board.

Communication with .Senior Management.

Communication with Employees

Communicate with the members.

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Make business decisions, .not FEEL GOOD DECISIONS!!!!!.

Don�t be afraid of different business structures if�.

Joint ventures can be an opportunity if done right!.

Executing Strategy and Vision with Success.

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Author: Cheryl Crase

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