Meeting Competitive Challenges:

Cooperative Structure and Finance for the Future

The rapid pace of consolidation in global agricultural markets is challenging all agribusinesses.

Cooperatives are faced with unprecedented demands to innovate, grow and seek out valuable partners.

This year's program for the 14th Annual Farmer Cooperatives Conference is a unique opportunity to hear cooperative leaders assess their business environment. Topics will include:

Cooperatives in an era of global consolidation

Cooperatives are facing fast-paced changes in the control of global transportation, terminals, and other assets. How are cooperatives reinventing themselves to stay competitive?

Price volatility, energy, and the credit marketplace

Commodity price volatility, rising energy costs and a changing credit marketplace are consistent challenges for every agribusiness. What are the trends and consequences that are challenging cooperatives?

Innovative approaches to finance

Capitalization needs, equity plans, and tax issues are challenges that require innovative solutions.

Risk management

Cooperatives face a balancing act as risk is driven down the supply chain. What tools can they offer to support members' risk management?

Attend this conference for an outstanding opportunity to explore the latest issues affecting farmer cooperatives and to network with your colleagues.

Scholarships are available; please refer to the Register webpage for more information.

We look forward to seeing you in November.